10 Interesting Facts about Rats

Post On: November 18, 2016

Interesting Facts about Rats tell you about a long tailed rodent. The body size is medium. They are included in the superfamily Muroidea. Rattus norvegicus is the brown rat, while Rattus rattus is the biological term for the black rat. Both of them are included in genus Rattus. People usually differ the rats and mice based on their size. The mice have smaller body size than that of rats.

Interesting Facts about Rats 1: the true rats

The true rats are often called as the Old World Rats. They are native to Asia.

rat pic

rat pic

Interesting Facts about Rats 2: the relationship of rats and mice

Mice and rats have close relationship. The Old World mice have smaller body. When living in the wild, the rats rarely reach the weight more than 500 grams or 1.1 lb.

Interesting Facts about Rats 3: the terms

The word pup or kitten is used to call the infant rats. The dam is used to call the parent female or pregnant female rat. The doe is a term for the unmated female rat. The buck is to call the male rat. A mischief is for calling a group of rats.

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Interesting Facts about Rats 4: where do the rats live?

Rats in the developing countries present bad impact due to the substantial food loss. Rats are called as the commensals for they live around human being.

Interesting Facts about Rats 5: the average lifespan

Many rats can only live for around one year because of predation. Actually, the average lifespan of rats depends on the species.

Interesting Facts about Rats 6: rats as a pet

Since the end of 19th century, people have kept rats as their pet. These people like to have the giant pouched rats, black rats and brown rats.

Interesting Facts about Rats 7: the laboratory rat

Zucker rat is another term for laboratory rat. This breed has higher risk of having diabetes due to its genetic feature.

river rat

river rat

Interesting Facts about Rats 8: the experimental studies

Today it is very common to employ rats for the experimental studies. The usage of rats for study was traced back in 1895 when the effects of diet were studied using rats by Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Interesting Facts about Rats 9: the wild and domestic rats

The calmer personality is spotted on the domestic rats. The wild rats tend to bite. They are more aggressive.

interesting facts about rats

interesting facts about rats

Interesting Facts about Rats 10: the test

The rats are the popular choice for study when people are interested to conduct tests about drug abuse, learning and intelligence.

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