10 Amazing Facts about Rain

Post On: November 9, 2016
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Amazing Facts about Rain inform us with the droplets of water which fall on earth due to the precipitation. The production of fresh water on earth depends on the rain due to its important role in the water cycle. The water is applied for the crop irrigation, hydroelectric power plants and ecosystem. The heavy precipitation is very possible to spot on the mountainous regions. The moist air will be forced to condense and fall. Let us check other facts about rain below:

Amazing Facts about Rain 1: monsoon trough

Monsoon trough is also called as intertropical convergence zone. The rainy season will be spotted in the savannah areas if the monsoon trough moves.



Amazing Facts about Rain 2: the increased level of rainfalls

The rainfall will be increased if the cities face the urban heat island effect. The intensity and amount of rainfalls will be increased significantly.

Amazing Facts about Rain 3: the global warming

The global warming is still a hot issue today. It changes the precipitation pattern in the world. The tropics have drier condition, while the wetter one is spotted on the eastern North America.

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rain pic

rain pic

Amazing Facts about Rain 4: the driest continent in the world

Do you know the driest continent in the world? It is Antarctica.

Amazing Facts about Rain 5: tools for measuring rain

The weather radar is a tool to estimate the amount of rainfalls. The rain gauges are used to measure the rainfalls.

Amazing Facts about Rain 6: the Köppen climate classification system

The Köppen climate classification system is one of the most used climate systems in the world. The different climatic regions are spotted for the system applies the average annual rainfall.

Amazing Facts about Rain 7: the presence of rain in other planets

On Earth, the rain is in the form of droplets of water. In other planets, the rain might occur in the form of sulfuric acid, neon, and methane.

rain facts

rain facts

Amazing Facts about Rain 8: the wet seasons

The wet seasons are often spotted in the subtropics and tropics. The season usually lasts in one month or more months.

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Amazing Facts about Rain 9: the summer or warm seasons

It is common to spot the presence of rainfalls during the early evening and late afternoon in the summer or warm seasons.

facts about rain gauges

facts about rain gauges

Amazing Facts about Rain 10: the improvement

The improvement on the environment is seen during the wet season. The plants grow well due to the abundant rainfall. The improvement is also seen on the freshwater and air quality.

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