10 Amazing Facts about Ravens

Post On: January 1, 2017

Facts about Raven will talk more about an interesting thing of  this unusual animals. Many people believe that raven is a kind of animal that is so mysterious. Not like any other birds such as Owl, Parrot, or Eagle which is still widely favoured, Raven become the only one animal which always be ignored and shunned. Only a few who realize that Raven actually have a lot of good things behind the bad story. Let us see these interesting facts about Raven below:

Facts about Raven 1: the species of Raven

Raven is a bird kind of Corvus. It has twenty-seven species that spread in many countries around the world except in Antarctica and South America.

Facts about Raven 2: the food

Raven is included as the omnivore, which eats variety of food both plant and animal because Raven usually eats fruits, worms, insects, eggs of other birds, fish, and animal’s carcasses, which has been killed by him.

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Facts about Raven 3: the intelligence

Scientific research proves that Raven is one of the smartest animals on earth. He has the biggest brain if compared with his size of body.

Facts about Raven 4: the decision maker

Raven kills another raven. If one of Ravens is hurt and is known infected by a disease so the decision to kill this hurt and infected Raven is taken in order to anticipate the other Raven from infected by the disease.

Facts about Raven 5: long life

Some of species of Raven have longer life. The longest life can reach until twenty-one years.

Facts about Raven 6: loyal

People can learn about loyalty from Ravens because the male will never marry another female in his whole life. But in some conditions, for compelling reasons only, for instance, related to eggs hatch, if eggs do not hatch, the male will leave his partner and look for another female to start a new life and the same thing will also happen when the female died.


Facts about Raven 7: the revenge

With his intelligence, Raven is able to remember the treatment he had ever received so Raven can have resentment against those who ever does unkind to him. Even with past experience he is able to plan what to do in the future, means that Raven does not like to do the same mistake twice.

Facts about Raven 8: myths

Raven is the ugliest bird species of any bird species as well, that is why people assume that the Raven is jinxed. In some countries, the emergence of black Raven is often linked to death, or sign a message of impending obituary. There is a myth that if there is Raven circling above the house, then one of the people in the house will die.

Facts about Raven 9: the black feather

Raven has black feather. The black feather held as one of the main method of camouflage in order to avoid a dark place from the pursuit of other predators, i.e. Falcon.

Facts about Raven 10: the inspiration

The story of burying the human dead body was initially inspired by the way Raven buried his dead friend that was done by digging the soil, then fill it back in with the surrounding soil.

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