10 Amazing Facts about Renewable Energy

Post On: February 21, 2017

Facts about Renewable Energy will amaze the readers with the type of energy gained from the renewable sources such as rain, wind, sunlight, geothermal heat, waves, and tides.  In the modern day, people are encouraged to use the renewable energy for it has less negative impact to earth.  This energy is beneficial for it can be applied for producing electricity and providing the heating and cooling. In 2015, renewable energy technologies consumed US$286 billion on the global investment.

Facts about Renewable Energy 1: the biggest investments

United States and China had the biggest investments for renewable energy focusing on the biofuels, solar, hydro and wind.

Facts about Renewable Energy

Facts about Renewable Energy

Facts about Renewable Energy 2: providing employment

By focusing on renewable, the country may increase the level of employment. It will provide at least 7.7 million new jobs in the field. The largest employer will be related to the solar photovoltaics.

Facts about Renewable Energy 3: the new electricity capacity

The renewable energy accounted for 50 percent of the all-new electricity capacity in 2015.

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Renewable Energy 2009

Renewable Energy 2009

Facts about Renewable Energy 4: the survey

The acceptance toward renewable energy is positive according to surveys, which seek the international public opinion. Most of them support the usage of wind power and solar power as the resources for renewable energy.

Facts about Renewable Energy 5: at the national level

More than 20 percent of the energy supply in 30 countries in the world is taken from the renewable energy.

Facts about Renewable Energy 6: the goal

The country, which supports and promotes the usage of renewable energy, has the future goal to use 100 percent renewable energy. This plan is seen in Denmark. By 2050, the country plans to use 100 percent renewable energy for heating/cooling, mobility and electricity.

Facts about Renewable Energy 7: the wind energy

One type of renewable is produced from the wind. The wind turbines can be run by using the airflows. The perfect location for wind farms are in the areas with constant and strong winds.

Renewable Energy Facts

Renewable Energy Facts

Facts about Renewable Energy 8: the leading source

The leading source of renewable energy in Canada, United States and Europe is the wind energy.

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Facts about Renewable Energy 9: the solar energy

The people can gain the renewable energy from the radiant light, solar energy and sun heat. The technologies included in solar energy are the concentrated solar power, solar heating and photovoltaics.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Facts about Renewable Energy 10: biomass

The biological material from the living things can produce biomass to generate heat via combustion.

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