10 Amazing Facts about Romania

Post On: August 18, 2018

Facts about Romania present the information about sovereign state in Europe. Have you visited Romania before? You will be impressed with the history. The location of this state is at the crossroads of Southeastern, Eastern and Central Europe. It shares borders with other countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia. To the southeast, you can spot Black Sea as its border. The climate in Romania is dominated by temperate continental. It takes the record as the seventh most populous country In Europe since it is a home for 20 million people. It covers the area of 92,046 square miles or 238,397 sq km. Bucharest is the largest city in the state. It also serves as the capital. If you go to Romania, do not forget to visit other major urban areas in the state. You can reach Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and lasi. Let us check other interesting facts about Romania below:

Facts about Romania 1: Danube Delta

Danube Delta is located in Romania. The second longest river in Europe called River Danube will empty their water into the delta.

Facts about Romania 2: Moldoveanu Peak

Moldoveanu Peak is part of Carpathian Mountains. It has the height of 8,346 feet or 2,544 meters. The mountains spans from north to the southwest of Romania.

Facts about Romania

Facts about Romania

Facts about Romania 3: the formation of modern Carpathian Mountains

In 1859, the foundation of Romania took place. At that time, Wallachia and Moldavia were personally unified. In 1866, the new state chose Romania as the official name. In 1877, Romania was independent from the Ottoman Empire.

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Facts about Romania 4: Kingdom of Romania

Before Romania is a state, it was known as Kingdom of Romania, which consisted of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Banat and Transylvania.

Facts about Romania 5: during the second of world war

Romania was known as an Axis power during the Second World War. During the fight between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, Romania was in support for the latter one. Romania was with the Allies since 1944. Red Army’s forces occupied Romania, which made the state, lost many territories. After the war ended, the state could only regain Northern Transylvania. Then, Romania was known as a socialist country. Then it gradually changed into a capitalist market economy and democracy after the Revolution, which took place in 1989.



Facts about Romania 6: developing country

The growth rate of Romanian economy in 2017 was 7 percent. There is no need to wonder that Romania is known as a developing country.

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Facts about Romania 7: the economical sectors

Service is considered as the primary source of economic in the country. It also produces electric energy and machines. The famous companies include OMV Petrom and Automobile Dacia.

Facts about Romania 8: organization

Since 2004, Romania is a part of NATO. Since 2007, it has been a member of European Union.

Romania Facts

Romania Facts

Facts about Romania 9: United Nations

Since 1955, Romania has been a member of United Nations.

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Facts about Romania 10: the language

A Romance language called Romanian is considered as the primary language in the country.

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