10 Amazing Facts about Tarantulas

Post On: September 25, 2018

Let us find out the Amazing Facts about Tarantula in the following post below. The scientists have explained at least 900 species of tarantulas. They are included in the Theraphosidae family. This animal is popular among the people who look for an exotic pet to look after at home. You have to be careful when touching the New World species of tarantulas because of the urticating hairs. When they touch your skin, they can damage the eyes and irritate the skin.

Facts about Tarantulas 1: the primary parts of the body

The opisthosoma and prosoma are considered as the two primary parts of the tarantula’s body. The former one is known as abdomen. The pregenital somite or pedicel connects the prosoma and opisthosoma.

Facts about Tarantulas 2: the size of tarantula

If you think that all tarantulas’ area big, you are very wrong. You can find a very small tarantula. It can be as small as a fingernail. A large one reminds you with the full shape of a plate when their extended legs are full.


Facts about Tarantulas 3: the body length

The body length of a tarantula can reach from 1 to 4 inches or 2.5 to 10 cm. The leg span is measured at 3 to 12 inches or 8 to 30 cm. The weight of a big tarantula can reach more than 3 oz or 85 gram.

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Facts about Tarantulas 4: goliath birdeater

Have you ever heard about goliath birdeater? It has the biological name Theraphosa blondi. The animal is from Brazil and Venezuela. People believe that this tarantula has the leg span of 12 inches or 30 cm. The weight can reach 6 oz or 170 gram. It has the maximum fang size of 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm.

Facts about Tarantulas 5: Theraphosa apophysis

The pinkfoot goliath or Theraphosa apophysis was described later. It is considered as the tarantula with the greatest leg span. On the other hand, the heaviest one is at the hand of Theraphosa blondi.

Tarantulas Facts

Tarantulas Facts

Facts about Tarantulas 6: color for tarantulas from North America

Brown is considered as the most common color for the tarantula, which lives in North America.

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Facts about Tarantulas 7: the colors of tarantulas in other parts of the world

The other parts of the world have the tarantulas in many colors. Eupalaestrus campestratus has the yellow leg marking. Aphonopelma seemanni has black color with white stripes. The cobalt blue body color is found on Cyriopagopus lividus. Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens is unique because it has green prosoma and striking orange abdomen. The legs are in metallic blue color.

Facts about Tarantulas 8: habitat

Tarantula can be found living in the grasslands, forest, mountains, scrublands, rainforest, pampas and desert.

Facts about Tarantulas

Facts about Tarantulas

Facts about Tarantulas 9: distribution

Tarantulas can be found living in Central America, Mexico, United States and South America. You can also spot them in Cyprus, south Italy, Spain, Asia and Australia.

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Facts about Tarantulas 10: the diet

Insect is considered as the primary food for tarantulas. They also eat spiders, millipedes, and centipedes.

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