10 Amazing Facts about Terrestrial Animals

Post On: October 30, 2018

You will be more aware that the animals, which live mostly on land, are called terrestrial animals. They are different from the aquatic animals, which mostly live under the water. The former ones include spiders, ants, dogs, horses and cats. On the other hand, octopuses, lobsters, and fish are included as aquatic animals. The animals, which can live in two places, the land and water, are called amphibians. They are newts and frogs. Let us check other interesting facts about Terrestrial Animals by reading the following post below:

Facts about Terrestrial Animals 1: the terrestrial and arboreal animals

If you think that the terrestrial and arboreal animals are similar, you are wrong. The latter one can be found living on trees. The former ones live on the ground.

Facts about Terrestrial Animals 2: the types of terrestrial animals

There are three major types of terrestrial animals. They are the creatures which live in the sand. People call them Arenicolous. The animals, which live around the rock, are called Saxicolous. The last ones live in the caves. They are called Trogloxenes.



Facts about Terrestrial Animals 3: the successful groups of terrestrial animals

Some of the successful groups of terrestrial animals include mollusk, arthropods and vertebrate. All of them have taken part in the history of life.

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Facts about Terrestrial Animals 4: the relationship

The relationship of terrestrial animals is only spotted due to their similarity of living on the ground. There is not a unified clade about it.

Facts about Terrestrial Animals 5: the origin

The origin of the terrestrial history was traced back during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic period. During the Cenozoic, most of them were terrestrial.



Facts about Terrestrial Animals 6: his phyla of terrestrial animals

Terrestrial animals are divided into ten phyla. They are the mollusks, Nematoda, Nemertea, Flatworms, Chordata, Onychophora, Annelida, Tardigrada, Rotifers, and Arthropods.

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Facts about Terrestrial Animals 7: microscopic animals

The microscopic animals include rotifers, tardigrades and roundworms. Not all of them are terrestrial since they still need a film of water to stay survive.

Facts about Terrestrial Animals 8: semi-terrestrial

One of the examples of semi terrestrial animals is fiddler crab. During the high tides, they decide to stay in the mud substrate by dwelling inside the burrows.

Terrestrial Animals

Terrestrial Animals

Facts about Terrestrial Animals 9: Gastropod mollusks

Gastropod mollusks are commonly known as slugs and land snails. They are successful to make themselves terrestrial animals.

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Facts about Terrestrial Animals 10: the success of colonizing the land

The gastropod mollusks are capable to colonize the land due to their ability to adapt behaviorally, physiological and morphologically. You can find them in different kinds of habitats on the planet. There is no need to wonder if you can find on the acidic soil. Some snails also live in the hot area like in the desert.

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