10 Amazing Facts about Thailand

Post On: November 7, 2018

The Kingdom of Thailand will be explained on Amazing Facts about Thailand. In the past, the country was called Siam. It consists of 76 provinces. The country is occupied by more than 68 million people. It has the area of 198,120 square miles or 513,120 kilometer square. Bangkok serves the administrative area. It is also known as the capital of Thailand. Before the coup, which took place in 2014, Thailand had a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Now it is under the de factor military dictatorship. Find out other interesting facts about Thailand below:

Facts about Thailand 1: the Tai people

In the 11th century, the Tai people went to mainland Southeast Asia after migrating from southwestern China. The region had been ruled by the Mon, Khmer Empire and Malay states. In 1511, the people had a contact with the European people from Portuguese.

Facts about Thailand 2: the First and Second World War

During the Second World War, Thailand was on the Axis satellite power. However, it was with the Allies during the First World War.



Facts about Thailand 3: relationship with US

Thailand had a close relationship with United States. In the mid 1970s, the parliamentary democracy was established. However, the military junta took over the country after the two coups, which took place in 21st century.

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Facts about Thailand 4: the sources of economy

The primary sources of economy in the country include tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.

Facts about Thailand 5: lèse-majesté laws

Lèse-majesté laws are applied in Thailand. It protected the kings of Thailand from any critics. If someone breaks the lèse-majesté laws, he or she will be in jail for 3-15 years. The number of lèse-majesté prisoners have been increased after coup d’état in 2014.

Thailand PM

Thailand PM

Facts about Thailand 6: climate

The monsoon winds affect the climate in the country. In May until October, it has the southwest monsoon. In October until February, Thailand has the northeast monsoon.

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Facts about Thailand 7: the national symbol of Thailand

The national symbol of Thailand is the elephant. In 1850, the number of domesticated elephants in the country reached 100,000 individuals. Now the population is reduced to 2,000 elephants.

Facts about Thailand 8: the major problem for elephant’s population

The major problem, which reduces the population of elephant, is poaching. People look for the meat and ivory of elephants. Trading the endangered species is considered as an illegal act in the country. However, selling them is still noted at Bangkok Market Chatuchak.

facts about Thailand

facts about Thailand

Facts about Thailand 9: foreign relation

Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining and handling the foreign relation of the country. It has a close relation with US as a major non-NATO ally.

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Facts about Thailand 10: the armed forces

The king serves as the head of the armed forces in Thailand. The armed forces are divided into three forces. They are the Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Navy and Royal Thai Army.

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