10 Cool Facts about Roller Coasters

Post On: August 16, 2018

Facts about Roller Coasters show the readers with the cool ideas about a type of popular amusement ride in the world. Roller coaster is always found in many themed parks and amusement parks whether you are in United States, Canada, Japan or Britain. Kids and adults love it much. This ride is super challenging since it comes in a form of heightened railroad track. You can find steep slopes, inversion and high turn in the concept of roller coaster. Find out other cool facts about roller coaster in the following post below:

Facts about Roller Coasters 1: the first patent

In 1885, one of the first patents for roller coasters was awarded for the roller design of LaMarcus Adna Thompson.

Facts about Roller Coasters 2: the design of a roller coaster

If you think that a complete circuit is always needed for a roller coaster, you are wrong. In some cases, a complete circuit is not needed for a roller coaster. The passengers sit on the multiple cars on the roller coasters. They are restrained for higher level of safety. The train of the roller coaster consists of two or more cars. The single cars are often spotted on the wild mouse roller coasters.

Facts about Roller Coasters

Facts about Roller Coasters

Facts about Roller Coasters 3: safety systems

Roller coasters have many safety systems, which guarantee the safety of the people who sit on it. It is possible to run two or more trains on the large roller coasters at once. To avoid any collision on the trains, the block system is activated.

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Facts about Roller Coasters 4: PLC

Have you ever read anything about roller coaster? PLC stands for programmable logic controllers. It is the operating computer, which controls the roller coaster. If there is any fault occuring on the operation or mechanism of the roller coaster, a PLC can detect it from the operator actions and configured state.

Facts about Roller Coasters 5: inspection and maintenance

Inspection and maintenance should be conducted on the regular basis. The materials and structures of the roller coasters should be strong enough. Moreover, the operators should follow the sound operating procedures.

Roller Coasters Facts

Roller Coasters Facts

Facts about Roller Coasters 6: physics

Roller coaster is created and designed according to the law physics. Therefore, it can eliminate any fatal incident. The acceleration of the roller coaster should be able to be handled by the human body. If the acceleration is too high, it may lead into the injury of human body.

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Facts about Roller Coasters 7: the accidents

The accidents in the roller coasters may take place because the ride operators or passengers do not follow the right safety procedures.

Facts about Roller Coasters 8: the major categories

The wooden roller coasters and steel roller coasters are the two primary categories of roller coasters.

Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

Facts about Roller Coasters 9: modern roller coasters

Modern roller coasters are varied today since the creators begin to focus on the experience of the riders.

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Facts about Roller Coasters 10: rollercoaster according to the train type

According to the train type, roller coaster can be divided into inverted roller coaster, pipeline roller coaster, bobsled roller coaster, flying roller coaster, dive roller coaster and stand up roller coaster.

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