10 Cool Facts about Rome Italy

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Cool Facts about Rome Italy give the impressive information about the capital city of Italy. This city is famous because of the historical buildings and tourism. People like to spend their time in Rome, Italy. Besides serving as the capital of Italy, it is also the capital for Lazio region. The most populated commune in Italy is located in Rome. The Metropolitan City of Rome is a home for 4.3 million people. The unique thing about Rome is that you will find Vatican City located within the boundaries of Rome. Vatican City is not a part of Italy, but it is an independent country. Get more interesting facts about Rome below:

Facts about Rome Italy 1: the history of Rome

Let us find out the history of Rome, Italy. It was dated back in 28 centuries in the past. In 753 BC, Rome was founded according to the Roman mythology. In Europe, it took the record as the continuously inhabited site for centuries. Rome then served as the capital for Roman Kingdom. The history of Rome continued when it became the capital of Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

Facts about Rome Italy 2: the nickname

Tibullus was the Roman poet who called Rome as the Eternal City in the first century BC. People also recognize it as Caput Mundi or Capital of the World.

Rome Italy Facts

Rome Italy Facts

Facts about Rome Italy 3: politics in middle Ages

The Papacy controlled the politics in Rome in the beginning of the middle Ages after the western civilization collapsed. It served as the capital for the Papal States when the Papacy occupied the city in the first century AD until the eighth century.

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Facts about Rome Italy 4: Italian Renaissance

Do you know that the Italian Renaissance was centered in Rome? Baroque style and Neoclassicism were also originated from Rome.

Facts about Rome Italy 5: a global city

Today, Rome takes the status as a global city. It has been visited by many tourists around the world. The UNESCO also enlists some historical centers in Rome as the World Heritage Site.

Rome Italy

Rome Italy

Facts about Rome Italy 6: the tourist destination

Colosseum and Vatican Museums are always included in the list of destinations visited by the tourist when they come to Rome.

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Facts about Rome Italy 7: institutions

There are a number of global institutions settled in Rome, Italy. You can spot IFAD or International Fund for Agricultural Development, WFP or World Food Programme and FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization in the city.

Facts about Rome Italy 8: the business companies

Rome is not only famous due to the amazing tourist destinations. The international business companies are also interested to have their operation here. You can find BNL, Unicredit, Eni, Tim and Enel headquartered in the city.

Facts about Rome Italy

Facts about Rome Italy

Facts about Rome Italy 9: EUR

EUR is used to call the business district in Rome where it houses the financial service, oil industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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Facts about Rome Italy 10: fashion

Fashion business is also flourished in Rome.

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