10 Facts about Rabat Morocco

Post On: November 1, 2016
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Let us check the useful information about the capital city of Morocco on Facts about Rabat Morocco. Based on the report in 2014, the city was inhabited by 580,000 people for the urban area. More than 1.2 million people lived in the metropolitan areas. More than 1.8 million people were housed in the conurbation of Sale, Temara and Rabat. In the past, Rabat played an important role as a port in the country. However, problem related to silt eliminates the role. Here are other facts about Rabat Morocco to notice:

Facts about Rabat Morocco 1: the industries in Rabat

Even though Rabat has lost its role as a port, it is still a home to various industries like construction, food processing and textiles.

facts about rabat morocco

facts about rabat morocco

Facts about Rabat Morocco 2: the importance of Rabat

Rabat still plays an important role in Morocco due to its status as the capital of the country. All foreign embassies and tourists would like to visit Rabat.

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Facts about Rabat Morocco 3: how to reach Rabat

If you are interested to reach Rabat by plane, you need to land on Rabat–Salé Airport. The ONCF system provides the train to Rabat.

Facts about Rabat Morocco 4: the top travel destination

The Top Travel Destinations of 2013 list created by CNN placed Rabat at No.2. It features a World Heritage site where you just have to go to the medina of Rabat.

mohammed v boulevard

mohammed v boulevard

Facts about Rabat Morocco 5: the climate of Rabat

The winter season in Rabat is mild damp, while the summer season is warm or hot dry. It is due to the Csa climate or Mediterranean climate that the region has.

Facts about Rabat Morocco 6: the daytime and nighttime temperature

The nighttime is always cool. During the winter season, people have to stand with the cold nights.  The temperature is increased during the daytime.

mosquee as sounah

mosquee as sounah

Facts about Rabat Morocco 7: the point of interests

Rabat has many points of interest. That is why people love to visit the city. It has an archeological museum and some official galleries. The Theatre Mohammed V is the biggest theatre in the city.

Facts about Rabat Morocco 8: the social and cultural organizations

The biggest cultural and social organizations housed in Rabat include ONA Foundation and Orient-Occident Foundation.

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Facts about Rabat Morocco 9: independent spaces for art

Abdellah Karroum established the first independent space for visual art in the city.  The local and international artists may take part in the space.

rabat morocco map

rabat morocco map

Facts about Rabat Morocco 10: the famous music festival

The famous music festival in the city is Mawazine. Do you know that Elton John, Rihanna and Scorpions have participated in Mawazine?

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