10 Facts about Rabbie Burns

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Facts about Rabbie Burns talk about a Scottish poet and lyricist. He was known under this famous epithet. Actually, his real name was Robert Burns. Another epithet of Robert was the Bart of Ayrshire. He was born on 25th January 1759 and died on 21 July 1796. Rabbie Burns is very famous in the world due to his amazing works. In Scotland, he is called as the national poet. Let us check other facts about Rabbie Burns below:

Facts about Rabbie Burns 1: the language

The language used in most of his works is Scots. However, the wider audiences outside Scotland are still capable of reading his works for some of them are written in light Scot dialect and English.

facts about rabbie burns

facts about rabbie burns

Facts about Rabbie Burns 2: the Romantic Movement

Rabbie Burns earns the status as one of the notable leaders in Romantic Movement. In Scotland, he is considered as the cultural icon. The founders of socialism and liberalism are inspired by his works.

Facts about Rabbie Burns 3: the Scottish literature

The Scottish literature was heavily influenced by Rabbie Burns. During the 19th and 20th centuries, he received the national charismatic cult for many people celebrated his work and life.

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rabbie burns 1828

rabbie burns 1828

Facts about Rabbie Burns 4: the folk songs

The folk songs in Scotland were collected by Rabbie Burns. During the last day of the year or Hogmanay, the people like to sing “Auld Lang Syne”. It is a poem or song from Burns.

Facts about Rabbie Burns 5: the unofficial national anthem

The country also uses the national anthem of “Scots Wha Hae” unofficially for a very long time.

Facts about Rabbie Burns 6: the notable songs and poems

“To a Mouse”, “A Red, Red Rose”, “Ae Fond Kiss”, “The Battle of Sherramuir”, and “To a Louse”  are the other notable songs and poems from Burns.

Facts about Rabbie Burns 7: the publication

Robert Burns, Poems, Chiefly was the volume of works of Burns published by John Wilson on 31st July 1786.

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rabbie burns mausoleum

rabbie burns mausoleum

Facts about Rabbie Burns 8: some of the best works

“To a Mountain Daisy”, “The Cotter’s Saturday Night”, “The Twa Dogs”, and “Halloween” are some of the best writings of Burns.

Facts about Rabbie Burns 9: the death of Rabbie Burns

Burns passed away when he was 37 years old in Dumfries on 21st July 1796.

rabbie burns facts

rabbie burns facts

Facts about Rabbie Burns 10: the funeral

On Monday 25th July 1796, the funeral of Burns was conducted.

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