10 Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence

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Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence inform the people with the famous Australian drama film released in 2002. The story of the film is made based on the novel with the same name. Doris Pilkington Garimara is the author of the novel. Phillip Noyce directed the movie.  The novel is loosely based on true story. Molly was the mother of the Garimara who escaped from Moore River Native Settlement with two other girls for they wanted to live together with their aboriginal families. Let us find out other interesting facts about rabbit proof fence below:

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 1: the placement

In 1931, the girls were placed in the Moore River Native Settlement.

facts about rabbit proof fence

facts about rabbit proof fence

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 2: the story in the movie

When you watch the film, you will know the journey of the girls to reach their aboriginal families who lived at Jigalong. It took nine weeks for them to leave the rabbit-proof fence of Australia. The journey covered 2,400 kilometer or 1,500 miles.

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 3: the pursuit

The aboriginal tracker and the white law enforcement authorities tried to pursue the aboriginal girls who ran away from the settlement.

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phillip noyce

phillip noyce

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 4: Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel created Long Walk Home Music. It was the soundtrack of the movie.

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 5: the executive producer

The executive producer of Rabbit-proof Fence was Jeremy Thomas. He is recognized as a notable producer from Britain. He develops a long tie with Australia.

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 6: the cast

Molly Craig is considered as the primary character in the movie. The role is portrayed by Everlyn Sampi. Other actors and actresses in the movie include David Gulpilil, Myarn Lawford, Tianna Sansbury, Roberta Lynch and Laura Monaghan.

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 7: Doris Pilkington Garimara

Doris Pilkington Garimara is the writer of the novel. Actually Rabbit-proof Fence is not the first book. Her family stories were described in a trilogy where the Rabbit-proof Fence is the second one.

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rabbit proof fence map

rabbit proof fence map

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 8: the debate

After Rabbit-Proof Fence was released, there was a debate related to the portrayal of some characters in the movie as well as the historical accuracy.

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 9: the schools in Australia

Many schools in Australia show the Rabbit-proof Fence movie to their students.

everlyn sampi

everlyn sampi

Facts about Rabbit-proof Fence 10: review

The review of Rabbit-proof Fence was positive. Based on 138 reviews, it had the rating 88 percent.

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