10 Facts about Race Cars

Post On: November 2, 2016

Facts about Race Cars explain the sport, which employs the usage of automobiles or cars to conduct the auto racing. People also like to call the sporting event as a motor racing or car racing. Various race events have been conducted as soon as cars or automobiles were invented. In 1867, people recorded the first organized car racing.

Facts about Race Cars 1: the earliest events

The earliest events of racing cars had the purpose to show the people that cars were the practical means of transportation. Today, people build the racecars for they want to show the incredible machines. Therefore, the cars are super fast on track.

race car facts

race car facts

Facts about Race Cars 2: the development of racing cars

Racing cars were well developed in 1930s for the industries began to produce the cars specialized for racing competition.

Facts about Race Cars 3: the first racecar

The first racecar took place at 4:30 am on 30 August 1867 between two self-powered road cars. The road car of Isaac Watt Boulton was the winner of the pre-arranged racecar. The distance that the vehicles should reach was only eight miles.

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race car

race car

Facts about Race Cars 4: the usage of gasoline

Then the automobiles were powered by the gasoline fuel. It marked the beginning the auto car racing with internal combustion.

Facts about Race Cars 5: the first American race car

On 28th November 1895, the Thanksgiving Day Chicago Times-Herald race was held in United States. It was considered as the first American automobile race in the history.

Facts about Race Cars 6: NASCAR

On 21 February 1948, Bill France established NASCAR.  Some other drivers helped France to establish it.

Facts about Race Cars 7: the first race for NASCAR

The site for the first NASCAR race was at Daytona Beach Florida. It was held on 19 June 1949.

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race cars

race cars

Facts about Race Cars 8: Formula One

The best know racing in the world is Formula 1. It is a single seater racing car. The people used the term Formula to call the open wheeled racing.

Facts about Race Cars 9: GP2

GP2 is another racing event celebrated in the world. It is also included as a single seating racing event.

race cars pic

race cars pic

Facts about Race Cars 10: the regional events

The Formula V6 Asia and Formula Nippon are some examples of the regional series of racing events.

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