10 Facts about Rachel Whiteread

Post On: November 3, 2016

Facts about Rachel Whiteread present the information about the English artist focusing on sculpture production. In 1993, she was awarded with annual Turner Prize. She was the first woman who got the prize. She was born on 20th April 1963. In 1997, her works were exhibited at Royal Academy’s Sensation. Whiteread was a member of Young British Artists. Let us find out other interesting facts about Whiteread below:

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 1: the birthplace of Whiteread

The birthplace of Whiteread was located in Ilford, Essex.  When Whiteread was seven years old, the family relocated to London after leaving Essex countryside.

facts about rachel whiteread

facts about rachel whiteread

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 2: the mother of Whiteread

The name of Whiteread’s mother was Patricia Whiteread. In 2003, her mother passed away at the age of 72 years old. She was also an artist.

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 3: the father of Whiteread

Thomas Whiteread was the father of Whiteread. In 1988, he passed away when Whiteread still attended an art school. He worked as a polytechnic administrator and geography teacher.

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rachel whiteread work

rachel whiteread work

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 4: the education of Whiteread

In 1982 until 1985, Whiteread was educated at Brighton Polytechnic. It was at Faculty of Arts and Architecture. She was interested with sculpture even though she had a BA in painting.

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 5: casting objects

Most works of Whiteread involve casting objects. She studied under Richard Wilson, a famous sculptor for casting objects.

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 6: higher education

In 1987, she earned an MA from Slade School of Art, University College in London in sculpture.

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 7: the famous work of Whiteread

Can you mention the famous works of Whiteread? One of them is located at Trafalgar Square of London where you can spot her resin sculpture.

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rachel whiteread

rachel whiteread

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 8: other works of Whiteread

Her work is also displayed in Judenplatz Vienna where she created the holocaust memorial.

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 9: House

Another amazing work of Whiteread is entitled House. It is situated inside Victorian House. You can spot a very large concrete cast inside the house. The first solo exhibition of Whiteread was conducted in 1988 even though she had been exhibiting her works in 1987.

2001 stuckist trafalgar square demo

2001 stuckist trafalgar square demo

Facts about Rachel Whiteread 10: the personal life

Whiteread has two sons with her long-term partner, Marcus Taylor. He is a fellow sculptor.

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