10 Facts about Racism Today

Post On: November 3, 2016
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Facts about Racism Today will tell you about the history of racism and racism in the present day. Racism is founded based on the belief that some races are better than other races. It can be seen on how Jews were exterminated by the Nazis in Germany during the Holocaust for Nazi believed that they did not deserve to exist in the world. The belief was not true for it was a racist action. Let us check other facts about racism today.

Facts about Racism Today 1: what is racism?

Can you define the word racism? The discrimination, stereotyping and prejudice are always involved when a community or a society viewed the world based on their race. The interaction between races is complex.

anti racism

anti racism

Facts about Racism Today 2: the presence of racism

The racism can be found in different aspects of life like in the political system, practices and social actions.

Facts about Racism Today 3: the inferiority and superiority

The racism divides the society based on the race, which make some of them belong to the superior group. Others will belong to the inferior group.

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facts about racism today

facts about racism today

Facts about Racism Today 4: the application of racist ideology

Supremacism, hierarchical ranking, segregation, otherness and xenophobia are some social actions applied based on racism.

Facts about Racism Today 5: the United Nations Convention

The superiority-based n the racial difference is false based on the convention of United Nations.

Facts about Racism Today 6: The Nazi party

One of the most famous examples of racism was conducted by The Nazi party. During the 1933 election, the party had the victory in Germany. They believed that the Germans were the master race of Aryan who had the right to kill the inferior race and expand the territory.

Facts about Racism Today 7: how the Nazi viewed Jews

The Nazi considered Jews as the most unworthy human being. They placed them at the lowest part of the hierarchy. During the Holocaust, 6 million Jews were killed by Nazi.

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Facts about Racism Today 8: racism in United States

Racism was spotted in United States too in the form of racial segregation between the white and colored people.  The Civil Rights of 1964 outlawed the segregation.

Facts about Racism Today 9: the anti racism

The anti racism movement has the aim to oppose the racist actions. People hope that they will not face discrimination based on race.

racism sign

racism sign

Facts about Racism Today 10: Anti-Apartheid Movement

One of the best examples of anti racism movements is the Anti-Apartheid Movement, which took place in South Africa.

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