10 Facts about Racquetball

Post On: November 4, 2016
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The interesting racquet sport is explained on Facts about Racquetball. You can do this type of sport indoor or even outdoor. The important tools included a hollow rubber ball and a racquet. In 1950, the modern sport of racquetball is invented by Joseph Sobek. The control as well as the velocity was improved for Sobek added a stringed racquet to the paddleball. Here are other interesting facts about racquetball to notice:

Facts about Racquetball 1: the unique sport

Racquetball is very different from badminton and tennis. The player just had to hit the ball without the usage of net. It also has no tin.

facts about racquetball

facts about racquetball

Facts about Racquetball 2: the legal playing surfaces

The legal playing surfaces include the ceiling, floor and walls of the court.

Facts about Racquetball 3: the American handball

People often associate the 40×20 American handballs with the racquetball. Another sport associated with racquetball is the Squash 57. It is a British sport. Many people around the world like to play racquetball?

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Facts about Racquetball 4: racquetball in New Britain

Racquetball was invented in New Britain, Connecticut, YMCA by Joe Sobek even though he did not name the sport.

Facts about Racquetball 5: who was Sobek?

Sobek was an American hand player and professional tennis player. He invented the game for he wanted to develop an easy to play sport which featured the fast pace.

Facts about Racquetball 6: the paddle

The paddle that Sobek developed for the racquetball was made based on the design of the paddleball, handball and squash. The game that he developed was called paddle rackets.

Facts about Racquetball 7: NPRA

NPRA was established by Sobek in February 1952. It stands for National Paddle Rackets Association. It featured a booklet, which codified the rules of paddle rackets.

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Facts about Racquetball 8: the popularity

Sobek decided to promote the new sport. It was popular.  The production of the racquetball equipments and establishment of courts and clubs for racquetballs were increased due to the high demand.

Facts about Racquetball 9: the decline

The popularity of racquetball was declined in 1990s because the conversion of the club into aerobic exercise, bodybuilding, and physical fitness clubs.

Facts about Racquetball 10: the racquetball players

The number of the racquetballs players is around 5.6 million individuals.

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