10 Facts about Radford Coventry

Post On: November 4, 2016
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Facts about Radford Coventry inform us with electoral ward of Coventry. It is also a suburb in the area. The Coventry North West constituency covers the areas of Radford. If you are in the city center of Coventry, it is 2 miles to visit Radford. The area covered by Radford is around 303.9 hectares. The boundaries of Radford include Bablake, Sherbourne, St Michael’s, Foleshill and Holbrooks wards. Let us check other interesting facts about Radford below:

Facts about Radford Coventry 1: neighborhoods

There are four neighborhoods in Radford. They are Canal Basin, West Radford, East Radford and Radford Diamond.

facts about radford coventry

facts about radford coventry

Facts about Radford Coventry 2: the population of Radford ward

Radford ward was inhabited by 16,901 people based on the United Kingdom census in 2001.

Facts about Radford Coventry 3: the house price

The price of a house in Radford was around £101,583.94 based on the report in 2004.

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radford coventry pic

radford coventry pic

Facts about Radford Coventry 4: the household income

The household income of the people who lived in Radford was around £25,015 based on the report in 2005.

Facts about Radford Coventry 5: the employment

The unemployed population was 565 individuals. The people in the working age were 11,960 individuals. The people who owned a car were 5,308 individuals.

Facts about Radford Coventry 6: Radford Road

There are many places of interest to visit in Radford. You can spot a bingo hall and some small shops on Radford Road. It is located at the western side of Radford.

Facts about Radford Coventry 7: the northern part of Radford

It is always recommended for the people to visit the northern part of Radford for it is also the center of shopping area. You can come to Jubilee Crescent. The name of the area is taken from silver jubilee of King George V. The visitors may spot branches of national retail chairs, local businesses, doctor’s surgery, community center and a library.

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radford coventry

radford coventry

Facts about Radford Coventry 8: the properties

The properties that you find in northern Radford are available in various architectural designs.  You can spot the houses with terraces, semi detached houses, flats, and blocks.

Facts about Radford Coventry 9: the primary schools

Joseph Cash Primary School, St Augustine’s RC Primary School, Hill Farm School and Radford Primary Academy are some primary schools in Radford.

Facts about Radford Coventry 10: the notable residents

The notable residents of Radford include a boxer Errol Christie, and an English poet Philip Larkin.

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