10 Facts about Radiant Energy

Post On: November 5, 2016

Let us get the detail information about the gravitational radiation and energy of electromagnetic on Facts about Radiant Energy.  Joule is the unit of radiant energy in SI. When we want to measure the radiant energy, notice on the time as well as the power or radiant flux. The radiant energy is denoted with the symbol Qe. The symbol E or W is used to define the electromagnetic energy in physics.

Facts about Radiant Energy 1: is the radiant energy visible?

The human eyes may perceive the visibility of radiant energy. In some cases, the energy is not visible.

facts about radiant energy

facts about radiant energy

Facts about Radiant Energy 2: the term radiant energy

People often use the term radiant energy in heating, solar energy, lighting, and radiometry fields.

Facts about Radiant Energy 3: the modern application of radiant energy

The radiant energy is related to the transmission of power from one place to another place for the modern applications.

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electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic spectrum

Facts about Radiant Energy 4: photon energy

The scientists may see the radiant energy as photon energy due to the conceptualization of electromagnetic radiation.

Facts about Radiant Energy 5: the frequencies of EM

There are various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. In the blackbody radiation, the EM signal may be broad. On the other hand, it is sharp in the atomic spectra.

Facts about Radiant Energy 6: absorption

The conversion of energy of waves into heat is spotted when an object absorbs the electromagnetic waves. The effect is similar when the sun radiates the earth.

Facts about Radiant Energy 7: the open system

The open system of the radiant energy is available in two options. The natural one is spotted on the atmosphere or earth. The solar energy collector is an example of a man made system.

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radiant energy

radiant energy

Facts about Radiant Energy 8: the ground and oceans

The ground and ocean of earth will be warm if the surface of earth is passed by the short wavelength radiant energy of the Sun.

Facts about Radiant Energy 9: the common application of radiant energy

The radiant heating is considered as the most common application of radiant energy. The people can get the water from the sunlight absorption. The usage of infrared lamp can produce the radiant energy from the electricity.

radiation pic

radiation pic

Facts about Radiant Energy 10: the warm elements

If the overhead panel, wall and floor are warm, the objects inside the house including the people will be warm too.

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