10 Facts about Radiata Pine

Post On: November 5, 2016
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A species of pine is explained on Facts about Radiata Pine. It is included in the family Pinaceae. It is also called as insignis pine or the Monterey pine. The species is originated Mexico in Guadalupe Island and Cedros Island and Central Coast of California. The Radiata pine can be used for various purposes. This softwood has the medium density and fast growth. Let us find out other interesting facts about Radiata pine below:

Facts about Radiata Pine 1: the popularity

The Radiata pine can grow rapidly.  The popularity of Radiata pine is high due to the pulp qualities and lumber. It is often used by the people as a model for growing other plant species.

facts about radiata pine

facts about radiata pine

Facts about Radiata Pine 2: the serious threat

The serious threat is experienced by radiata pine today in its natural habitat even though it can be found in various temperate regions in the plantation timber.

Facts about Radiata Pine 3: the limited regions

There are three limited regions in the world, which feature the native Radiata pine. They include San Luis Obispo Counties, Monterey Peninsula and Santa Cruz.

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pinus radiata detail

pinus radiata detail

Facts about Radiata Pine 4: the introduction of Radiata pine in other countries

Radiata pine is also introduced in other countries in the world like in Spain, New Zealand, Tristan da Cunha and Australia.

Facts about Radiata Pine 5:  a plantation species

Radiata pine is called as the primary plantation species in some countries like South Africa, Kenya, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

Facts about Radiata Pine 6: the size

If Radiata pine grows in maximum condition, it may have the height up to 200 feet or 60 meter. In the wild, it has the average of 49 to 98 feet or 15 to 30 meter.

Facts about Radiata Pine 7: the leaves

Radiata pine has the needle like leaves. They are in slender shape, blunt tip, and bright green tone. The length reaches 3.1 to 5.9 inches or 8 to 15 cm.

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radiata pine facts

radiata pine facts

Facts about Radiata Pine 8: the length of cones

The length of cones is around 2.8 to 6.7 inches or 7 to 17 cm.

Facts about Radiata Pine 9: Monterey pine

The Monterey pine is always connected with flora and fauna. This species can be found in the coastal areas of Monterey County.

radiata pine

radiata pine

Facts about Radiata Pine 10: a fungal disease

A fungal disease caused by Fusarium circinatum was a threat of Radiata pine.

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