10 Facts about Radiation Poisoning

Post On: November 5, 2016

Facts about Radiation Poisoning inform the readers with the radiation toxicity, radiation sickness or acute radiation syndrome. When a person is exposed to high amount of ionizing radiation, he will develop the adverse side effects within 24 hours. The DNA cells and molecules are damaged or degraded due to the radiation. The sign of radiation poisoning may develop within one or two hours after the person is exposed, or it may take several months to develop. Get other facts about radiation poisoning below:

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 1: the symptoms

The symptoms experienced by the person are varied for it depends on the amount of ionizing radiation.

radiation poisoning pic

radiation poisoning pic

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 2: the small doses of radiation poisoning

The symptoms like vomiting, nausea, bleeding and infections are prevalent when a person is exposed to small doses of radiation.

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 3: the large doses of radiation

The rapid death and negative neurological effects can be caused by the larger amount of radiation.

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radiation poisoning facts

radiation poisoning facts

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 4: treatment of acute radiation syndrome

The usage of antibiotics or even blood transfusion can be applied to treat radiation poisoning. In the extreme cases, the patients may receive the bone marrow transfusion.

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 5: the presence of symptoms

If the radiation is very low, the symptoms may take months or even years to emerge.

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 6: the other diseases

The other diseases may be developed when a person is exposed to radiation. The risk of having different kinds of cancers is increased.

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 7: the primary presentation of acute radiation syndrome

The neurological/vascular, gastrointestinal and hematopoietic are the primary presentations of acute radiation syndrome.  The exposure on the bone marrow areas is included in hematopoietic syndrome.  The radiation exposure on the stomach and intestine will develop the gastrointestinal syndrome. The exposure to brain will lead into neurovascular symptom.

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radiation poisoning

radiation poisoning

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 8: the skin symptoms

The skin symptoms caused by the radiation exposure are called CRS or cutaneous radiation syndrome.

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 9: the redness

The redness may occur on the skin.  It occurs a few hours after the body is exposed to radiation. Other skin symptoms include the blistering, ulceration, itching and reddening.

facts about radiation poisoning

facts about radiation poisoning

Facts about Radiation Poisoning 10: other negative symptoms

The other negative symptoms caused by radiation poisoning include decreased skin pigmentation, fibrosis, damaged sweat glands and permanent hair loss.

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