10 Facts about Radiation Therapy

Post On: November 5, 2016

Facts about Radiation Therapy inform the people with the therapy, which employs the ionizing radiation. It is often called as a XRT, RTx or RT. The main purposes of having radiation therapy are to eradicate the malignant cells and kill cancer cells. There are several types of cancer cells, which can be cured by the radiation therapy. This therapy is also applicable as an adjuvant therapy. After a patient has surgery, the malignant tumor can be removed with radiation. Therefore, it will prevent any tumor recurrence. Let us check other useful information about radiation therapy below:

Facts about Radiation Therapy 1: radiation oncology

If you are interested to know more about radiotherapy, you need to study radiation oncology.

radiation therapy pic

radiation therapy pic

Facts about Radiation Therapy 2: the relation of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

The chemotherapy and radiation therapy have close relation since both can be used to treat cancers. The patients with cancer may have radiation therapy after, during, or before chemotherapy.

Facts about Radiation Therapy 3: the growth of cells

The growth of cancerous tumor cells can be controlled by having radiation therapy. The DNA of the cancerous cells will be damaged by the ionizing radiation.

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radiation therapy portal

radiation therapy portal

Facts about Radiation Therapy 4: radiology and radiation oncology

If you think that radiation oncology and radiology have studies, you are wrong. The usage of radiation in diagnosis and medical imaging are perceived in radiology. If you are interested to know how to prescribe radiation, learn more about radiation oncology.

Facts about Radiation Therapy 5: combination of radiation therapy

Radiation therapy usually is not performed alone. It can be combined with other types of therapies such as immunotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

Facts about Radiation Therapy 6: the types of radiation therapy

There are various types of radiation therapy treatments. It can be palliative, therapeutic, neoadjuvant, adjuvant and curative.  Various factors will be considered to find the right type of treatment such as the general health of the patient, stage of cancer, location of cancer and tumor type.

Facts about Radiation Therapy 7: the bone marrow transplant

Prior to the bone marrow transplant, the patient will receive the TBI or total body irradiation.

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facts about radiation therapy

facts about radiation therapy

Facts about Radiation Therapy 8: the non-malignant conditions

Radiation therapy is applied not only in malignant conditions but also in the non malignant ones such as for treating thyroid eye disease and acoustic neuromas.

Facts about Radiation Therapy 9: the limited application for the non-malignant conditions

Due to the risk of radiation-induced cancers, the usage of radiation therapy for the non-malignant condition is very limited.

radiation therapy for prostat cancer

radiation therapy for prostat cancer

Facts about Radiation Therapy 10: the doses of recitation

The dose of radiation applied on the cancer depends on the radio sensitivity. The modest amount of radiation is only needed if the cancer is highly radiosensitive.

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