10 Facts about Radioactivity

Post On: November 6, 2016

Facts about Radioactivity inform the people with the process of emitting radiation from a radioactive. The decay products emitted by the radioactive are without any bias. It means that it spreads into all kinds of direction. However, people have to be careful when they handle the radioactive due to the danger of the X-rays and ionizing radiation. In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays. The inventors, scientists and physicians began to experiment using the x-rays. Let us check other interesting facts about radioactivity below:

Facts about Radioactivity 1: the negative effects of x-rays

In 1896, the technical journals were recounted with some negative effects of radioactivity such as hair loss and burns when dealing with radioactive and x-rays.

facts about radioactivity

facts about radioactivity

Facts about Radioactivity 2: the hair loss

The usage of X-rays for experiment was conducted by Professor Daniel and Dr. Dudley of Vanderbilt University. This experiment led into the hair loss of Dudley.

Facts about Radioactivity 3: other negative effects

The burns were reportedly experienced by Nikola Tesla and Elihu Thomson. During the X-ray demonstration, Dr. H.D. Hawks had chest and hand burns.

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Facts about Radioactivity 4: William Herbert Rollins

William Herbert Rollins proved that the x-rays could kill a fetus and animals. Therefore, he warned the people to handle the x-rays carefully.

Facts about Radioactivity 5: Radioactivity

The radioactivity of elements can be seen from the emitted lights. The most stable isotope of the element with green light is around a half-life in millions of years. The light blue one has at least one stable isotope. The less stable ones are seen in orange and yellow colors.

Facts about Radioactivity 6: the effects of radiation

The effect of radiation on human beings was not well understood in the past. Therefore, Marie Curie always warned the people about it.

Facts about Radioactivity 7: the death of Marie Curie

Marie Curie had worked with different kinds of radioactivity. It is believed that she died due to the exposure of ionizing radiation called aplastic anaemia.

radioactivity facts

radioactivity facts

Facts about Radioactivity 8: radium-containing medicinal products

Several cases occurred due to the usage of radium in various treatments and medical products in 1930s.

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Facts about Radioactivity 9: Hermann Joseph Muller

Hermann Joseph Muller earned the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine because of his research in the generic effect.

radioactive decay

radioactive decay

Facts about Radioactivity 10: the SI unit

The Becquerel or Bq is considered as the Si unit of radioactive activity.

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