10 Facts about Rafael Correa

Post On: November 7, 2016

If you want to know the president of Republic of Ecuador, look at Facts about Rafael Correa.  Since 2007, Correa has taken the position. He is also known as an economist and politician in Ecuador. He was born on 6th April 1963. His full name is Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado.  Correa employed the left-wing policies in his country. Talking about his point of view, he is a democratic socialist. Now, he leads PAIS Alliance political movement.

Facts about Rafael Correa 1: education

Correa attended Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil to study economics. Then he continued his education at the Université catholique de Louvain. He earned the PhD degree from University of Illinois.

facts about rafael correa

facts about rafael correa

Facts about Rafael Correa 2: the Minister for the Economy

Correa was appointed as the Minister for the Economy in 2005. At that, the government was under the leadership of President Alfredo Palacio. One of his successful movements as a minister was when he was granted by the congress to increase the fund for education and health projects.

Facts about Rafael Correa 3: the general election in 2006

The general election in 2006 marked a new life of Correa for he became the winner for the presidential seat in Ecuador.

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rafael correa facts

rafael correa facts

Facts about Rafael Correa 4: the economic movement

Correa tried to decrease the influence of the International Monetary Fund as well as the World Bank after he took the presidential office in 2007. He was capable for decreasing over 60 percent of the price of outstanding bonds.

Facts about Rafael Correa 5: the focus of the government

By gaining more money from the revenue, the project of Correa was focused to reduce the poverty and improve the social projects.

Facts about Rafael Correa 6: the re-election

Correa remains popular in Ecuador. In 2009, he was re-elected as the president. During the general election in 2013, he also earned the seat again.

Facts about Rafael Correa 7: a controversial subject

In the international world, Correa is considered as a controversial subject. It describes his relationship with the US government. However, in his home country, Correa is very popular for he is capable for reducing the number of the unemployment and poverty.

rafael correa pic

rafael correa pic

Facts about Rafael Correa 8: parents

His mother is Norma Delgado Rendón, while his father was Rafael Correa Icaza.

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Facts about Rafael Correa 9: sibling

Bernardita Correa, Pierina Correa and Fabricio Correa are the three siblings for Rafael.

rafael correa

rafael correa

Facts about Rafael Correa 10: the financial hardship

Correa was from a middle class family, which faced the financial hardship. His father tried to smuggle drugs to US and was arrested when Correa was five.

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