10 Facts about Rafael Trujillo

Post On: November 7, 2016

Find out the information about the Dominican soldier and politician on Facts about Rafael Trujillo. He was known as the ruler of Dominican Republic in 1930. In May 1961, he was assassinated. His nickname was El Jefe. It means the Boss or the Chief. Trujillo was born on 24th October 1891 and died on 30th May 1961. Get other interesting information about Trujillo below:

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 1: as the president of Dominican Republic

In 1930 until 1938, Trujillo took the place as the president of Dominican Republic. Then he was selected again as the president in 1942 until 1952. The era during his leadership is called as the Trujillo Era. He was in power for 31 years.

facts about rafael trujillo

facts about rafael trujillo

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 2: the bloodiest era

Trujillo Era is always associated with bloodiest era due to the death of more than 50,000 people. 10,000 of them probably were dead during the Parsley Massacre.

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 3: dictatorship

Trujillo applied the dictatorship during his 30 years of rule. The country was prosperous and stable. However, the human rights were violated and the price was high. There were no civil liberties in the country.

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rafael trujillo pic

rafael trujillo pic

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 4: the supporters of Trujillo

The people who supported Trujillo stated that his leadership brought the improved infrastructure and economy.

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 5: the detractors of Trujillo

The brutality of Trujillo was always pointed out by the detractors. Moreover, the wealth of the country was dominated by the close associates and family.

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Trujillo was located in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic. His family was a lower middle class. His father was a Spanish sergeant, José “Pepito” Trujillo Valdez. His mother was Altagracia Julia Molina Chevalier.

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 7: the children in the family

There were 11 children in the family and Rafael was the third child. He attended the school of Juan Hilario Meriño at the age of six in 1897.

rafael trujillo facts

rafael trujillo facts

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 8: working as telegraph operator

Trujillo worked a telegraph operator when he was 16 years old. He worked there for 3 years.

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Facts about Rafael Trujillo 9: crime

Trujillo then ended up doing crime such as performing the postal robbery, counterfeiting checks and stealing cattle. It made him imprisoned for some months. The 42 was a violent gang of robbers that Trujillo set up.

rafael trujillo stamp

rafael trujillo stamp

Facts about Rafael Trujillo 10: rise of power

In 1918, Trujillo followed the National Guard. He had training with the United States marines. He was selected as the head of army and police when Estrella became the acting president after the rebellion.

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