10 Facts about Rafflesia

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Facts about Rafflesia talk about the parasitic flowering plants. The genus has 28 species. In 1997, Willem Meijer had explained the four species of Rafflesia. The species can be found in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. 1791-1794, Louis Deschamps first discovered Rafflesia in Java. In 1803, the British captured the illustration and notes of Rafflesia made by Deschamps. In 1861, they were available for the western science. Let us check other interesting Rafflesia facts below:

Facts about Rafflesia 1: the discovery of Rafflesia

In 1818, Rafflesia then was discovered in the rainforest of Sumatra and Bengkulu. The discovery was made for Dr. Joseph Arnold.

rafflesia facts

rafflesia facts

Facts about Rafflesia 2: the name of Rafflesia

The name of the flower, Rafflesia is taken from the name of the leader of the expedition, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

Facts about Rafflesia 3: the characteristics of the plants

Rafflesia does not feature any true roots, leaves or even stems. Rafflesia is included in the genus Vitaceae or Tetrastigma. It is considered as a holoparasite. Inside the tissue of the vine, you can spot the haustorium or absorptive organ.

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rafflesia pics

rafflesia pics

Facts about Rafflesia 4: the flower

The flower has five petals. That is the only part of the plant visible from the outside.

Facts about Rafflesia 5: the size of Rafflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii has the weight of 22 lb or 10 kg. It has the average diameter of 39 inches or 100 cm.

Facts about Rafflesia 6: Rafflesia baletei

Rafflesia baletei only has the diameter of flower at 12 cm. Therefore, it earns the status as one of the smallest species of Rafflesia.

Facts about Rafflesia 7: the unique feature

The unique feature of Rafflesia is seen on its smell. The smell reminds you with the rotting flesh. That is why the local people often call Rafflesia the meat flower or corpse flower.

facts about rafflesia

facts about rafflesia

Facts about Rafflesia 8: the flies

The flies are some animals attracted by the foul odor of Rafflesia. The pollen from male to female flowers of Rafflesia is transported by the flies.

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Facts about Rafflesia 9: the male and female Rafflesia

Only few Rafflesias are hermaphroditic. The female and male flowers usually are separate in most species of Rafflesias.



Facts about Rafflesia 10: the state flower

Indonesia has Rafflesia as their official state flower. It is known as Padma Raksasa/Giant flower and Puspa langka/Rare flower.

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