10 Facts about Raga

Post On: November 7, 2016
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Get information about a traditional music on Facts about Raga. It is also called raag. The word Raga means melody, beauty, hue or even color. The Indian classical music and qawwali usually employs Raga. The melodic mode is mostly seen in the traditional music of South Asia. When the melody is made, a series of 5-9 music notes is spotted as the raga. Check more information about raga below:

Facts about Raga 1: the notes

The music notes actually are less important than the mood and musical phrases to define raga.

facts about raga

facts about raga

Facts about Raga 2: the association of raga in Indian music

The seasons and days are often connected with ragas in the tradition of Indian music.

Facts about Raga 3: the usage of raga

Raga is very popular in classical Indian music. There is no need to wonder that the raga is also used to set the notes of Indian music.

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raga india

raga india

Facts about Raga 4: ghazals

In some cases, Raga is employed in the musical composition for ghazals.

Facts about Raga 5: the definition

Experts define raga differently. Raga is defined as love by Pandit Jasraj. On the other hand, raga is called as music, which stresses on the ornaments, intonation, register and notes by Nazir Jairazbhoy.

Facts about Raga 6: the major ragas in Hindustani classical music

Hindol, Megh, Malkauns, Shri, Bhairav and Deepak are the major ragas enlisted by Pandit Jasraj in the classical music of Hindustani.

Facts about Raga 7: the maximum effect

It is believed that raga will have its maximum effect when it is played based on the season of day.

indian classical music

indian classical music

Facts about Raga 8: the Malhar group of ragas

The Malhar group of ragas is one example of raga being performed in a particular season. It is believed that the raga is very important to call for the rain during the monsoon period.

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Facts about Raga 9: the time zones of performed ragas

The ragas are performed based on a particular time. It can be during the evening, morning, afternoon, or even nighttime. Some ragas are performed based on the season such as during the monsoon season.

Facts about Raga 10: the various ragas

The ragas found in India are divided based on the styles, traditions and regions. An effort has been made to codify ragas for they are evolved from time to time.

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