10 Facts about Ragdoll Cats

Post On: November 7, 2016

Facts about Ragdoll Cats inform the readers with a cat breed, which has different coat and blue eyes. The coat is silky and soft.  In 1960s, Ann Baker was the American breeder who developed Ragdoll Cats.  The breed is characterized with the affectionate nature and docile personality. The cats are very popular in United States and United Kingdom. People often call ragdoll cats as the puppy like cats or even dog like cats. Find out other interesting facts about ragdoll cats below:

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 1: the behaviors of ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats have impressive behaviors because of their lack of aggressiveness to the people and other pets. Moreover, they can be handled easily. They like to go around the people due to the docile temperament.

facts about ragdoll cats

facts about ragdoll cats

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 2: the characteristics of Ragdolls

The characteristics of Ragdolls are floppy, calm and docile.  It is believed that Ragdolls own them from the Birman and Persian breeds.  Others believe that the genetic mutation causes the developed characteristics.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 3: the body of Ragdolls

The body of Ragdolls is characterized with proportional legs, large frame and sturdy body.

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facts about ragdoll

facts about ragdoll

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 4: the male and female Ragdolls

The male Ragdolls has the average weight of 5.4 to 9.1 kilogram or 12 to 20 pounds.  On the other hand, the female has the weight of 3.6 to 6.8 kilogram or 8 to 15 pounds.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 5: the blue eyes

Another interesting feature of Ragdolls is the blue eyes. The genes are the cause of the blue eyes.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 6: Birmans and Ragdolls

During the cat show season, some people are having difficulty to distinguish the birmans and Ragdoll for both resemble the similar look.  The mitted ragdolls have the white chins. The colored chins are spotted on the Birmans. Moreover, the ragdolls have larger body.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 7: the colors of Ragdoll

The colors of Ragdoll cats include cream, lilac, blue, chocolate, seal and red. Some ragdolls also have patterns.

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ragdoll cat

ragdoll cat

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 8: the kitten of ragdoll cats

The white color is spotted on the kitten of Ragdoll cats when it is born. When the kitten is 8 to 10 weeks, it has amazing color. The full color is spotted if the ragdoll is 3 to 4 years old.

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 9: the different patterns of ragdoll cats

The four patterns of ragdoll cats are available. They include the bicolor, high mitted bicolor, pointed and mitted ones.

ragdoll cats

ragdoll cats

Facts about Ragdoll Cats 10: the life span

The life span of ragdoll cats is around 15 to 25 years.

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