10 Facts about Ragged Schools

Post On: November 8, 2016

Facts about Ragged Schools inform us with the charitable organization in Britain. It was established in 19th century for the poor children who wanted to enjoy a great deal of education. The schools could be found in the industrial towns at the working class districts.  The program of the Ragged Schools Unions established in 1844 was to provide the poor or unfortunate children’s with lodging, clothing, food, free education and other kinds of services. Let us check other interesting facts about the ragged schools below:

Facts about Ragged Schools 1: the teachers

The teachers who worked in the ragged schools usually were the local working people.

ragged school doors

ragged school doors

Facts about Ragged Schools 2: the classes

The classes used to teach the children in the poorest districts were located in the railway arches, lofts or even stables.

Facts about Ragged Schools 3: the materials for the study

When the poor children followed ragged schools, they would learn about the study of the Bible, arithmetic, reading and writing.

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thomas guthrie

thomas guthrie

Facts about Ragged Schools 4: the subjects

The subjects learned by the students were not limited in the commercial subjects but also industrial ones.

Facts about Ragged Schools 5: the number of children

In 1844 until 1881, the London ragged schools handled at least 300,000 kids.

Facts about Ragged Schools 6: Thomas Cranfield

The poor children who lived in London were offered with free education by Thomas Cranfield in the end of 18th century. The educational background of Cranfield was related to his study at a Sunday school in Hackney even though he was a tailor by trade.

Facts about Ragged Schools 7: the number of free schools

The number of free schools, which had been established by Cranfield, was 19 by the time of his death in 1838. They were located in the poor areas of London intended to give the infants and children with free education on Sundays, nights or even days.

charles dickens

charles dickens

Facts about Ragged Schools 8: Thomas Guthrie

The ragged school was established in Edinburgh by Thomas Guthrie. One in Aberdeen was founded by Sheriff Watson.

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Facts about Ragged Schools 9: the unique idea of Sheriff Watson

Sheriff Watson had his own unique idea when establishing a ragged school. He applied compulsion.

Facts about Ragged Schools 10: the petty crime

He decided to found a school for boys due to the high number of petty crime.

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