10 Facts about Raging Rivers

Post On: November 8, 2016
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Facts about Raging Rivers inform the readers with the modest tributary located in western Washington of U.S., which flows to Snoqualmie River. The location of the raging river is east central King County, Washington at Cascade Mountains. Since the water carried by the river is very large, that is why it is called as raging river. Let us check other interesting facts about raging rivers:

Facts about Raging Rivers 1: the discharge

The discharge of the raging river is 110-meter cubic or 4,000 cubic feet at the gaging station.

cascade range

cascade range

Facts about Raging Rivers 2: what is the raging?

What is the meaning of the term raging? It is the river occupied by the salmon. More than one-fifth of the Chinook runs in Snoqualmie River are supported by the raging.

Facts about Raging Rivers 3: the Washington Department of Natural Resources

The Washington Department of Natural Resources has the responsibility to manage the Raging River State Forest. The Raging River begins from the Rattlesnake Ridge, which flows to the east Taylor Mountain.

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rattlesnake ridge

rattlesnake ridge

Facts about Raging Rivers 4: the annual flow

The yearly flow of raging river is measured at 4.2 meter cubic per second or 149 cubic feet per second.

Facts about Raging Rivers 5: the size of the drainage area

Do you know the size of the drainage area of raging rivers? It is around 32 square miles.

Facts about Raging Rivers 6: the Raging River basin

More than 50 percent of the basin of Raging River was owned by the private section until 2009.

Facts about Raging Rivers 7: the purchased areas

The 7,000 acres of land was purchased by the Washington Department of Natural Resources and King County.

snoqualmie falls

snoqualmie falls

Facts about Raging Rivers 8: kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most favorite sports to try in raging rivers. The kayaking section has the length of 8.0 kilometer or 5 miles, which occupies the lower half of Raging River. It flows from Preston to Fall City. The difficulty of this kayaking section is class III+.

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Facts about Raging Rivers 9: biking

If you want to stay on the land area, the Raging River also features the biking area. It is called Preston-Snoqualmie Trail. This trail is the perfect spot to hang out since it is located along Raging River and reaches the Snoqualmie Falls. The view is wonderful.

snoqualmie river

snoqualmie river

Facts about Raging Rivers 10: the recreation

There is a plan to improve and develop the recreation along Raging River.

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