10 Facts about Raglan

Post On: November 8, 2016
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Facts about Raglan talk about a small town in New Zealand. This town is famous due to the beaches. Based on the census in New Zealand in 2006, Raglan was inhabited by 2,637 people. The median personal income of the population was $18,900. It has the median age of 37. The number of households is 1,068. Let us check other interesting facts about Raglan below:

Facts about Raglan 1: the population

In 2013, Raglan was occupied by 4920 people. In 2006, it was the house for 4680 people.

facts about raglan

facts about raglan

Facts about Raglan 2: Whaingaroa Harbour

Raglan is always connected with Raglan Harbour or Whaingaroa Harbour. The coastline covers 220 km of area.

Facts about Raglan 3: Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is considered as the most popular place to visit in Raglan. The location of the falls is 20 km off the town.

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raglan facts

raglan facts

Facts about Raglan 4: the rainfall of Raglan

In 1984 until 2004, the level of rainfall in Raglan was 1.354 meter per year. In February, the average temperature was 24 degree C. In July, it has the average temperature of 8 degree Celsius.

Facts about Raglan 5: the surfing activity

The surfing activity in Raglan is very famous in the world. The Vortex Bay, Manu Bay, Whale Bay and Indicators are a series of the surf breaks in Raglan.

Facts about Raglan 6: Manu Bay in movies

Some movies feature Manu Bay like in Last Paradise in 2010 and The Endless Summer released in 1966.

Facts about Raglan 7: the Raglan Old School Art Centre

The Raglan Old School Art Centre hosts various kinds of regular art exhibitions in the township.  In the end of January, you can spot a Raglan Arts Trail Guide with an Open Studio Weekend.



Facts about Raglan 8: a regular market

The regular market is housed in Raglan. You can come to the city on the second Sunday per month.

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Facts about Raglan 9: Raglan Creative Market

The local art, food and crafts are sold in Raglan Creative Market.

raglan beach

raglan beach

Facts about Raglan 10: music

Between 2001 and 2008, Raglan hosted The International Soundsplash Eco Reggae Festival.  The Yot Club is considered as the primary venue in Raglan. The live music is also performed at the Raglan Club, the Orca Restaurant and Bar, Valentes Cafe and the Harbour View Hotel.

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