10 Facts about Ragtime

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Facts about Ragtime inform the readers with the favorite musical genre. In 1895 until 1918, Ragtime enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the world. The African-American communities created the genre. The pioneer of ragtime music was Ernest Hogan. He took the credit as the first composer of ragtime music in a sheet. In 1895, he released “LA Pas Ma LA” as the first composition of ragtime music. He also took the credit as the inventor of ragtime term. Let us check other interesting facts about ragtime below:

Facts about Ragtime 1: the term ragtime

The term ragtime was taken from the name of Ernest Hogan’s hometown located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was called Shake Rag.

facts about ragtime

facts about ragtime

Facts about Ragtime 2: introducing the ragtime to public

Ragtime was known more by the public after it was introduced by Ben Harney. This man was originally from Kentucky.

Facts about Ragtime 3: Harney’s first composition

The ragtime musical genre was popularized by the first composition of Harney. In 1896, it was released even though it was published in 1895.

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Facts about Ragtime 4: the musical style of ragtime

The ragtime music is the combination of the African music, which borrows polyrhythms, and John Philip Sousa’s March music.

Facts about Ragtime 5: Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin was one of the notable ragtime composers. “Maple Leaf Rag” published in 1899 made Joplin famous. His ragtime hit was “The Entertainer”. However, people soon forget about him. In the beginning of 1970s, the ragtime was revived where the fans focused on his works.

Facts about Ragtime 6: jazz music

Jazz music caught the public’s attention, which led into the decline of ragtime. People begin to rediscover the ragtime music, which leads into the revivals of ragtime.

Facts about Ragtime 7: the significant revival of ragtime

The period of 1950s was very significant to the revival of ragtime. The people began to compose record and publish the new rags.

scott joplin

scott joplin

Facts about Ragtime 8: a compilation of ragtime

The compilation of Joplin’s work was brought back by Joshua Rifkin in 1971.

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Facts about Ragtime 9: the similarities

Ragtime is a wonderful music. There is no need to wonder that it is always associated with the amazing waltzes of Brahms, mazurkas of Chopin and minuets of Mozart.

ragtime facts

ragtime facts

Facts about Ragtime 10: the influence

Claude Debussy, Erik Satie and Igor Stravinsky were some classical composers influenced by ragtime.

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