10 Facts about Rainbow Loom

Post On: November 10, 2016
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Facts about Rainbow Loom will tell the readers with a plastic tool that people can use to create charms and bracelets. It is easier for the people to weave plastic bands or colorful rubbers if they employ rainbow loom. Cheong Choon Ng takes the credit as the inventor of Rainbow Loom in 2011 in Novi, Michigan. Rainbow Loom has been sold in more than 8 million units as of September 2014.  The packets of rubber bands sold are around 40 millions. Check other interesting facts about rainbow loom below:

Facts about Rainbow Loom 1: what is Rainbow Loom?

Rainbow Loom is defined as a plastic pegboard. It has the measurement of 51 mm by 200 mm or 2 in by 8 in.

facts about rainbow loom

facts about rainbow loom

Facts about Rainbow Loom 2: The Rainbow Loom kit

If you are interested to create a unique bracelet and other types of charms easily, purchase the Rainbow Loom kit. You will get the pegboard or loom, 600 small rubber bands in various colors, 24 species C-shaped clips and a rainbow loom hook.

Facts about Rainbow Loom 3: Cheong Choon Ng

Cheong Choon Ng has Chinese decent but he was Malaysian immigrant. He studied at Wichita State University when he took mechanical engineering. That is why he moved to United States in 1991.

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rainbow loom clovers

rainbow loom clovers

Facts about Rainbow Loom 4: the job of Cheong Choon Ng

In 2010, he worked for Nissan Motor Company as a crash-test engineer.

Facts about Rainbow Loom 5: the idea of making the rainbow loom

After seeing his young daughters creating the bracelets from rubber bands, Ng developed an idea to make a rainbow loom.

Facts about Rainbow Loom 6: the easier way

Ng developed the easier way to link the rubber bands by using several rows of pushpins. The children in his neighborhood loved the bracelets.

Facts about Rainbow Loom 7: selling the products

Due to the popularity of his bracelets, the daughter wanted Ng to sell his products. He was capable for developing 28 versions of looms for 6 months.

rainbow loom pic

rainbow loom pic

Facts about Rainbow Loom 8: the wonder loom

The wonder loom was the title of Ng’s prototype. He employed the dental hooks, pushpins and wooden board for his prototype.

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Facts about Rainbow Loom 9: the manufacturing process

In June 2011, Ng and his wife tried to assemble the Rainbow loom. They found a factory in China, which manufactured the parts by investing $10,000.

rainbow loom logo

rainbow loom logo

Facts about Rainbow Loom 10: the first order

The first order of Rainbow Loom was from Learning Express Toys in summer season of 2012.

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