10 Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets

Post On: November 10, 2016

A species of parrot in Australia is explained on Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets. This bird has the scientific name of Trichoglossus moluccanus. They can be found living in woodland areas, coastal bush, and rainforests. It spreads along Tasmania, South Australia, and northern Queensland. The species of Rainbow lorikeets are introduced in other parts of the world like in Hong Kong and Auckland, New Zealand. Let us find out other interesting facts about Rainbow lorikeets below:

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 1: T. h. moluccanu

T. h. moluccanus is considered as the notable species of rainbow lorikeet. The breast features the lack of barring, while the belly is in blue color.

facts about rainbow lorikeets

facts about rainbow lorikeets

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 2: the size of rainbow lorikeet

The length of rainbow lorikeet reaches around 10 to 12 inches or 25 to 30 cm. It is considered as a medium sized parrot.

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 3: the weight of rainbow lorikeet

Can you estimate the weight of rainbow lorikeet? It reaches 2.6 to 5.5 oz or 75 to 157 grams.

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rainbow lorikeet pictures

rainbow lorikeet pictures

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 4: the colors of rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet is famous due to its wonderful color. The deep green hue is spotted on the upper parts, which include the tail, back, and wings. The nuchal collar is greenish yellow. The deep blue tone is spotted on the head. The red tone with blue-black barring is seen on the chest.

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 5: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism of male and female rainbow lorikeet is not easy to distinguish. The coloring and behavior are different between sexes of rainbow lorikeet.

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 6: the juveniles of rainbow lorikeet

The beak of rainbow lorikeet juveniles is in black tone. When it reaches the adulthood, the beak will slowly change into the orange tone.

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 7: the diet

Nectar, pollen and fruit are the primary diets for Rainbow lorikeets. The Rainbow lorikeets are capable for gathering the nectar and pollen from the flowers by using their unique tongue.

rainbow lorikeet facts

rainbow lorikeet facts

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 8: the Rainbow lorikeets in Australia

Rainbow lorikeets in Australia depend on the nectar taken from eucalyptus. The sago palms, African tulip trees and Pittosporum are the other sources of nectar for Rainbow lorikeets.

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Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 9: the fruits

Rainbow lorikeets also consume different kinds of fruits such as mangos, papayas, Mutingia, Trema and Ficus.

rainbow lorikeet beauty

rainbow lorikeet beauty

Facts about Rainbow Lorikeets 10: visiting gardens

The gardens of the people are frequently visited by rainbow lorikeets. They like eating pears, grapes, sunflowers and apples.

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