10 Facts about Rainbow Rowell

Post On: November 10, 2016

Facts about Rainbow Rowell present the detail facts about the American author who wrote contemporary novels for adults and young adults. She was born on 24 February 1973. In 2013, she received critical acclaims due to her works of Fangirl and Eleanor & Parks. Both novels are intended for young adults. In 1995 until 2012, Rowell worked for Omaha World-Herald as an ad copywriter and columnist. Let us check other facts about Rainbow Rowell below:

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 1: working for an ad agency

Rowell worked for an agency after she decided not to become a columnist again. She also began to write during this period. However, her work was interrupted for two years since she had a baby.

eleanor park

eleanor park

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 2: the first published novel

The first published novel of Rowell was entitled Attachments. The story is centered on an IT guy who falls in love with a woman. The guy monitors the email of the woman. In 2011, this romantic comedy novel was published.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 3: an outstanding debut

The first novel of Rowell earns the status as one of the outstanding debuts in 2011 based on Kirkus Reviews.

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fangirl novel

fangirl novel

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 4: Fangirl

Rowell was interested to participate at National Novel Writing Month. Therefore, she finished the first draft of Fangirl in 2012. It was a young adult novel.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 5: the publication of her novels

Fangirl and Eleanor & Park were published in 2013.  The novels earn great reviews and popularity. The New York Times placed both novels in the list of best young adult fiction in 2013.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 6: Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online shops in the world. Do you know that the list of 10 best books of 2013 on Amazon features Rowel’s Eleanor & Park? On the other hand, Goodreads selected it as the best young adult fiction of the year.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 7: the movie plan

There was a plan to adapt Eleanor & Park into a movie from DreamWorks and Carla Hacken. The screenplay will be made by Rowell.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 8: Landline

On 8th July 2014, Landline was published. It was the fourth novel of Rowell.

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Facts about Rainbow Rowell 9: the story of Landline

The story of Landline is centered on the troubled marriage. The novel is intended for the adult readers.

Facts about Rainbow Rowell 10: Carry On

Carry On is the title of Rowell’s fifth book. On 6th October 2015, the book was published.

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