10 Facts about Rainbow Trout

Post On: November 11, 2016

Facts about Rainbow Trout remind the people with a special trout, which can be found native to Pacifica Ocean in North America and Asia. They are living in the cold-water tributaries. The biological name of this trout is Oncorhynchus mykiss. Columbia River redband trout is a coastal one, which will spend around 2-3 years living in the ocean. When it wants to spawn, it will come back to the freshwater. Let us check other interesting facts about rainbow trout below:

Facts about Rainbow Trout 1: the steelhead rainbow trout

The steelhead rainbow trouts are used to call the freshwater form of the trouts, which migrate into the tributaries to spawn. The species has been introduced to Great Lakes.

facts about rainbow trout

facts about rainbow trout

Facts about Rainbow Trout 2: the weight of rainbow trout

The average weight of adult freshwater rainbow trout is 0.5 to 2.3 kilogram or 1 to 5 lb.

Facts about Rainbow Trout 3: the weight of the anadromous and lake dwelling rainbow trout

The weight of anadromous and lake dwelling rainbow trout is heavier for it reaches 9 kilogram or 20 lb.

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Facts about Rainbow Trout 4: the colors of rainbow trout

It is not easy to define the color of rainbow trout. The habitat, forms and subspecies of rainbow trout will determine the body color.

Facts about Rainbow Trout 5: the adult ones

The lateral line from the gills to the tails of the adult rainbow trout features a broad reddish stripe.

Facts about Rainbow Trout 6: the introduction of rainbow trout in the world

Rainbow trout has been introduced in at least 45 different countries in the world for sport and food. However, this fish is not found in Antarctica. It has been introduced to New Zealand, Australia, South America, Southern Europe and United States.

Facts about Rainbow Trout 7: the effect of introducing rainbow trout

When rainbow trout is introduced into a new population, there will be a competition occurred in the area. Moreover, the transmission of disease may occur too. The genetic purity is also decreased due to the hybridization.

ocean phase steelhead

ocean phase steelhead

Facts about Rainbow Trout 8: the types of subspecies of rainbow trout

Rainbow trout has various types of subspecies. They include Columbia River redband trout. Kamchatkan rainbow trout, Athabasca rainbow trout, Great Basin redband trout and many more.

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Facts about Rainbow Trout 9: the color of adult freshwater fish

The adult freshwater rainbow trout has the olive green or blue-green body color. The length of the body features the heavy black spots.

male freshwater phase steelhead

male freshwater phase steelhead

Facts about Rainbow Trout 10: the time to spawn

In January to June, the steelhead rainbow trout will spawn in Northern Hemisphere.

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