10 Facts about Rainbows

Post On: November 9, 2016
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Facts about Rainbows talk about meteorological phenomenon. People love rainbow for it is beautiful and stunning. Rainbow is the spectrum of lights, which appears on the sky due to the dispersion, refraction or reflection of light in the water droplets.  Most people who observe the rainbow always see it in the form of an arc even though it can be in a full circle. The rainbow is multicolored. Let us check other interesting facts about rainbow:

Facts about Rainbows 1: the main rainbow

The arc of the rainbow has violet tone for the inner areas. On the other hand, the outer side features the red tone.

facts about rainbows

facts about rainbows

Facts about Rainbows 2: a double rainbow

A double rainbow may occur too. The inner part of the arc features the red hue. The primary arc is seen inside the second arc.

Facts about Rainbows 3: an optical illusion

Rainbow is an optical illusion. If you view a rainbow, it is not possible for you to grab it or even touch. It is not a real object.

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rainbow facts

rainbow facts

Facts about Rainbows 4: the colors of rainbow

The colors of rainbow span on a continuous spectrum. People often cite that the rainbow colors are based on the sequence of Newton. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Facts about Rainbows 5: the airborne water

The airborne water comes in various types. They are the main causes of rainbows, which take form into airborne dew, rain, spray and mist.

Facts about Rainbows 6: the perfect time to see the rainbow

The perfect time to spot the rainbow is during the early evening and morning. The latter one is in the western sky, while the former one is in the eastern sky.

Facts about Rainbows 7: the most wonderful rainbow

The best condition to observe the rainbow is when the half of sky is cloudy and dark.



Facts about Rainbows 8: the common place to spot rainbow

The common places to spot the rainbow are located closer to the fountains or waterfalls.

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Facts about Rainbows 9: the rare rainbows

The rare rainbow may be spotted during the nighttime due to the strong level of moonlit. It is called the nighttime rainbow, lunar rainbow or moonbow.  The color of moonbow is perceived by human being as white due to the poor visual perception of human being in the low light condition.



Facts about Rainbows 10:  photograph

It is not easy to take a picture of a semicircular rainbow for the photographer should have an 84 degrees angle of view.

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