10 Facts about Rainforest Biome

Post On: November 11, 2016

Facts about Rainforest Biome allow the people to learn more about the life in the rainforest. The high rainfall is considered as the primary feature found in rainforest. It has around 98 to 117 inches of rainfalls annually. The temperate and tropical rainforests are the two major rainforests in the world. There are many tribes living inside the rainforests. The 44 uncontacted tribal groups are housed in West Papua. However, the population is in danger because of the deforestation. Let us check other interesting facts about rainforest biome below:

Facts about Rainforest Biome 1: what is rainforest?

Rainforest is usually defined as a forest, which earns high level of precipitation.

rainforest biome canopy

rainforest biome canopy

Facts about Rainforest Biome 2: the major rainforests in the world

The major rainforests in the world include the sub-tropical and tropical rainforests.

Facts about Rainforest Biome 3: the Amazon rainforest

One of the most notable rainforests in the world is the Amazon rainforest. It spans in some countries in South America like Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

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rainforest biome

rainforest biome

Facts about Rainforest Biome 4: the biodiversity

The biodiversity of rainforest biome is very rich. More than half of the animals and plants in the world live in the rainforest.

Facts about Rainforest Biome 5: the medicine

The rainforest is also a home to various kinds of medicine. Moreover, the rainforest is also the producer of oxygen for the trees will convert carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthetic.

Facts about Rainforest Biome 6: the temperature

The temperature of rainforest biome is always warm.  It never falls down below 68 degrees F and never increases at 93 degrees F.

Facts about Rainforest Biome 7: the rainfalls

Every year, the rainforest biome will get around 50 to 250 inches of precipitation. It has 77 percent until 88 percent humidity level.

rainforest biome pic

rainforest biome pic

Facts about Rainforest Biome 8: the presence of tropical rainforests

The tropical rainforests are found in three different regions in the world.  They are in South Asia and Australasia, Africa and Parks of South America and Central America.

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Facts about Rainforest Biome 9: the temperate rainforests

North America features the temperate rainforest. It has the annual temperature at 39 to 54 degrees F.  It has the rainfalls of 55 inches or 140 cm.

facts about rainforest biome

facts about rainforest biome

Facts about Rainforest Biome 10: Central African rainforest

The Mbuti pygmies live in the central African rainforests. They have the short height. On average, they are 59 inches. Colin Turnbull studied the Mbuti pygmies. His finding was published in The Forest People in 1962.

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