10 Facts about Rainforest Destruction

Post On: November 11, 2016

Facts about Rainforest Destruction will discuss the transformation of forests into the non-forest usage. The people often associate the rainforest destruction with deforestation. The forest will be removed or cleared. Forests are very important for the life of the people for it changes carbon dioxides into oxygen. It is also the habitat for the animal and plant species and producer of medicine. Can you imagine if the rainforest is destroyed?

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 1: the presence of rainforest in the world

The forests cover at least 30 percent of land surface of earth.

rainforest destruction pic

rainforest destruction pic

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 2: the presence of rainforest destruction

The high level of rainforest destruction is spotted in tropical rainforests. The forests are transformed into the urban usage, ranches or even farms.

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 3: the reasons of deforestation

The rainforests are cleared for various reasons. The people will get timber and fuel from the cut down trees in the forests.

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rainforest destruction

rainforest destruction

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 4: the cleared land

After the people cut down the trees, they will get cleared land used for plantation or even raising the livestock.

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 5: the negative effect of rainforest destruction

The loss of biodiversity, habitat damages and aridity are some negative effects of rainforest destruction.

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 6: in the war

The rainforest destruction was used in a war too. The modern examples were during the Vietnam War and Malayan Emergency where Agent Orange was applied on the forests.

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 7: the deforested regions

The risk of having the deforested regions turns into wasteland due to the adverse soil erosion is increased.

facts about rainforest destruction

facts about rainforest destruction

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 8: the occurrence of rainforest destruction

Rainforest destruction still occurs until today because of deficient environmental laws and lax forest management. There was a report that 890,000 square miles or 2.3 million square km of forests were cut down in 2000 until 2013.

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Facts about Rainforest Destruction 9: agriculture

Agriculture is considered as the direct cause of deforestation in the world based on the UNFCCC, which stands for Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The 48 percent of deforestation, which occurs in the world, is caused by the subsistence farming. The 32 percent is caused by the commercial agriculture. The 14 percent is for logging.

rainforest destruction fire

rainforest destruction fire

Facts about Rainforest Destruction 10: global warming

Global warming is primarily caused by the rainforest destruction. The 20 percent green gas emission is contributed due to the tropical deforestation.

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