10 Facts about Rainforest

Post On: November 9, 2016
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Facts about Rainforest will impress the people with the detail information of the forests, which have high level of rainfalls. The rainforests will receive around 98 to 177 inches of rainfalls or 250 to 450 cm of rainfalls every year. The rainforests are divided in two types. They are the temperate rainforests and tropical rainforests. The tropical rainforests on Earth are affected more by the monsoon trough. Check other interesting facts about rainforest below:

Facts about Rainforest 1: the biotic species

Rainforests are a home to many kinds of biotic species. The scientists believe that the rainforests house between 40 percent and 75 percent of all biotic species.

facts about rainforest

facts about rainforest

Facts about Rainforest 2: the undiscovered species

Millions of species, which include microorganism, plants, and insects, have not been discovered by the people in the tropical rainforests.

Facts about Rainforest 3: the nickname of tropical rainforest

The tropical rainforest is often called as the largest pharmacy in the world or even jewel of earth. It is due to the fact many natural medicines are found inside the rainforest.

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rainforest pictures

rainforest pictures

Facts about Rainforest 4: the oxygen

The oxygen production in the rainforest is high. That is why it is called as the lung of the world. The carbon dioxide will be transformed into oxygen through the photosynthesis process.

Facts about Rainforest 5: the sunlight

It is not easy for the sunlight to penetrate at the ground level of the thick rainforests because of the leaf canopy.

Facts about Rainforest 6: the term jungle

In general, people use the term jungle to call the rainforests. However, in some cases, the term jungle is used to define the rainforests, which have small trees, shrubs and dense vines.

Facts about Rainforest 7: the characteristics of tropical rainforest

The climate in the tropical rainforests is always wet and warm. The rainfall is at least 66 inches or 168 cm.



Facts about Rainforest 8: the location of tropical rainforest

The tropical rainforests are spotted in South America, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Congo, Cameroon and many more.

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Facts about Rainforest 9: the temperate rainforests

The temperate rainforests are housed in the temperate regions in the world especially in Europe and North America.

rainforest facts

rainforest facts

Facts about Rainforest 10: the layers

Various layers are seen in the tropical rainforests. They are forest floor, understorey, canopy and emergent layer.  The largest trees in the rainforest usually occupy the canopy layers. The trees have the height around 98 feet or 30 m to 148 feet or 45 m.

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