10 Facts about Rajesh Khanna

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Facts about Rajesh Khanna inform us with the notable Indian actor. He was born on 29th December 1942 and died on 18th July 2012. People often call him as the original superstar or first superstar. Khanna was also known as a politician and film producer. He had unbreakable record of having fifteen consecutive solo hit movies released in 1969 until 1971. Let us check other interesting facts about Khanna below:

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 1: the debut movie

The debut movie of Khanna was Aakhri Khat released in 1966. Due to his charm and amazing popularity, Khanna appeared in 17 short movies and 160 feature movies.

facts about rajesh khanna

facts about rajesh khanna

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 2: the awards

Khanna had excellent acting skill. He earned the BFJA Awards for Best Actor for four times, and won the Filmfare Best Actor Award three times.

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 3: the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award

The Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Khanna in 2005. Previously, he earned the Filmfare Special Award in 1991.

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rajesh khanna's prayer meet

rajesh khanna’s prayer meet

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 4: the payment

In 1970 until 1987, Khanna was considered as the most expensive actor in India. In 1980 until 1987, Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan had the similar price tag.

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 5: Khanna in politics

Khanna was also involved in political arena. In 1992 until 1996, Khanna represented the New Delhi constituency as the Lok Sabha member of Indian National Congress.

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 6: the personal life

In March 1973, Khanna and Dimple Kapadia married. The couple was blessed with two daughters. The older daughter is Twinkle Khanna whose husband is the famous actor, Akshay Kumar.  The younger daughter is Rinkle Khanna.

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 7: the death of Khanna

On 18th July 2012, Khanna passed away after being critically ill.  After his death, Khanna was showered with honor and award. There is a road named after him. Moreover, a statue and stamp of Khanna have been made too.

rajesh khanna signature

rajesh khanna signature

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 8: separation with Kapadia

In 1984, Khanna and Kapadia separated. Both had not divorced yet.  However, they shared cordial relationship.

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Facts about Rajesh Khanna 9: Tina Munim

Khanna and Tina Munim had romantic relationship in 1980s. The relationship ended when Khanna did not want to marry Tina. He was afraid that the marriage would give negative impact on his daughters.

rajesh khanna funeral

rajesh khanna funeral

Facts about Rajesh Khanna 10: Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is the older daughter of Khanna. She is a former actor who works as an interior decorator now.

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