10 Facts about Rajon Rondo

Post On: November 12, 2016

Facts about Rajon Rondo explain the early life as well as the professional life of notable American basketball player. He was born on 22 February 1986 under the full name Rajon Pierre Rondo.  Now he plays in NBA for Chicago Bulls. During the 2009-10 seasons, Rondo was the leader of NBA in steals. The Boston Celtics was the first club of Rondo when he started his professional career as a basketball player. In 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2015-16, Rondo had a major role to give assists in NBA. Check other interesting facts about Rondo by reading the below post:

Facts about Rajon Rondo 1: the record

Rondo has an amazing record in NBA. He was known as NBA All-Defensive Team member for four times. He is NBA All-Star four times too.

facts about rajon rondo

facts about rajon rondo

Facts about Rajon Rondo 2: the records of steals and assists

Rondo has impressive records for the steals and assists. In steals, he earns the third rank. In the assists, he takes the fourth rank for the Celtic history.

Facts about Rajon Rondo 3: the clubs of Rondo

During the 2014-15 seasons, Rondo became the player for Dallas Mavericks. In 2015, he played for Sacramento Kings.

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rajon rondo pic

rajon rondo pic

Facts about Rajon Rondo 4: the NBA drafts

He was put in NBA draft 2006 by the Phoenix Suns at 21st. previously; he played for Kentucky Wildcats for two years. It was a college basketball club.

Facts about Rajon Rondo 5: the rookie season

When Rondo was in his rookie season, he served as the supporting role by moving to the Celtics. During the 2007-08 season, he became a starting point guard for the club.

Facts about Rajon Rondo 6: the breakthrough performance

Rondo has the breakthrough in his career as a basketball player in the NBA playoffs 2009.

Facts about Rajon Rondo 7: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Rondo is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Amber Rondo is his mother. When he was seven, his father left the family. Dymon, William and Anton are the three siblings of Rondo.

rajon rondo image

rajon rondo image

Facts about Rajon Rondo 8: football and basketball

At first, Rondo was interested to play football. However, his mother wanted him to focus more on the basketball due to his skinny figure.

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Facts about Rajon Rondo 9: Dallas Mavericks

Rondo was traded to Dallas Mavericks on 18 December 2014. His first match with the team was against San Antonio Spurs.

rajon rondo

rajon rondo

Facts about Rajon Rondo 10: the record in his debut with Mavericks

Rondo had nine assists, seven rebounds, 6 points, and two steals in just 34 minutes in his debut.

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