10 Facts about Ralph Abernathy

Post On: November 12, 2016

Facts about Ralph Abernathy will inform the people with the famous activist in United States during the Civil Rights Movement.  He was born on 11th March 1926 and died on 17th April 1990. Abernathy was the closest friend of Martin Luther King Jr. He was a minister. The Montgomery Improvement Association was established based on the collaboration between Abernathy and King. The foundation was very important for it marked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, one of the important historical events for Black community. Check other interesting facts about Abernathy by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 1: SCLC

SCLC stands for Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It was co-founded by Abernathy in 1957. He served as the executive board member in SCLC. He was appointed as the president of the organization after the death of King.

facts about ralph abernathy

facts about ralph abernathy

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 2: Poor People’s Campaign

In 1968, Abernathy became the leader of Poor People’s Campaign, which took place in Washington, D.C.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 3: in CORE

CORE stands for the Congress on Racial Equality. In the organization, Abernathy took the position as an advisory committee member.

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ralph abernathy boulevard

ralph abernathy boulevard

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 4: a controversial autobiography

Abernathy wrote his controversial autobiography a year before his death in 1989. The title was And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 5: Rosa Parks

On 1 December 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested because she did not want to give her seat to a white man. It led into the Montgomery Bus Boycott arranged by King and Abernathy.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 6: the national attention

The Montgomery Bus Boycott had a huge impact when it earned national attention.  It resulted to the court decision for unconstitutional bus segregation.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 7: the bombed home

Abernathy’s house was bombed on 10 January 1957 due to the boycott. However, his family was safe.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 8: the successful nonviolent movement

Abernathy and King made great partnership to organize the nonviolent movement not only in Montgomery but also in Birmingham, Georgia, Albany, Memphis and other cities.

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Facts about Ralph Abernathy 9: the close partnership

Abernathy and King were close friends. Both were in jail 17 times together. Their families were close too.

Facts about Ralph Abernathy 10: the impact of King and Abernathy’s work

Abernathy and King’s work had a major impact on the abolition of Jim Crow’s law in Southern States.

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