10 Facts about Ralph Bunche

Post On: November 13, 2016

Facts about Ralph Bunche present the information about the American politician scientist.  He was born on 7th August 1903 and died on 9th December 1971. He gained fame due to his mediation in Israel at the end of 1940s. It made him earn a Nobel Peace Prize in 1950. Therefore, he was also known as a diplomat and academic. Check other interesting facts about Ralph Bunche below:

Facts about Ralph Bunche 1: the first African American

Bunche was considered as the first African American who received the prize.

facts about ralph bunche

facts about ralph bunche

Facts about Ralph Bunche 2: in United Nations

Bunche played an important role in United Nations for he was involved in the organization’s administration and formation.

Facts about Ralph Bunche 3: the Medal of Freedom

President John F. Kennedy awarded Bunche with a Medal of Freedom in 1963.

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ralph bunche grave

ralph bunche grave

Facts about Ralph Bunche 4: teaching

Bunche also taught students at Howard University in 1928 until 1950 where he was appointed as the chair of the Department of Political Science.

Facts about Ralph Bunche 5: the other important roles

Bunche played an important role in various organizations in the world. At Oberlin College, Lincoln University and New Lincoln School, he was appointed as a trustee. During the Second World War, Bunche participated in OSS or US Office of Strategic Services.

Facts about Ralph Bunche 6: the birthplace of Bunche

The birthplace of Bunche was located in Detroit, Michigan. Oliver Agnes was his mother who worked as an amateur musician. On the other hand, Fred Bunche, his father worked as a barber.

Facts about Ralph Bunche 7: relocating to Toledo, Ohio

The family decided to move to Toledo, Ohio when Ralph was a child. In 1909, the family decided to come back to Detroit.

ralph bunche signature

ralph bunche signature

Facts about Ralph Bunche 8: the death of his mother

In 1917, his mother passed away. Three months after the death of his mother, his uncle passed away. At that time, Bunche was 13 years old.

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Facts about Ralph Bunche 9: at Jefferson High School

Bunche studied at Bunche. He was known as a valedictorian and debater. He was known as an excellent student.

ralph bunche

ralph bunche

Facts about Ralph Bunche 10: education

Bunche studied at University of California, Los Angeles. He was selected the valedictorian in 1927 and had summa cum laude during his graduation.  He had a doctorate in political science after graduating from Harvard University with a scholarship.

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