10 Facts about Ralph Ellison

Post On: November 13, 2016

Facts about Ralph Ellison will elaborate the information about the American scholar, literary critic and novelist. He was born on 1st March 1913 and died on 16th April 1994. The birthplace of Ellison was located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. In 1953, Ellison was awarded with National Book Award due to his notable novel Invisible Man. Let us find out other interesting facts about Ellison below:

Facts about Ralph Ellison 1: the other works of Ellison

Ellison also created other works. In 1986, Going to the Territory was published in the market.  A collection of political, social and critical essays of Ellison is Shadow and Act published in 1964.

facts about ralph ellison

facts about ralph ellison

Facts about Ralph Ellison 2: Juneteenth

Juneteenth is the posthumous novel of Ellison. The content of this novel was gathered from the notes that Ellison left after he died.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 3: the name of Ellison

Do you know that the name of Ellison was inspired from Ralph Waldo Emerson?

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ralph ellison monument

ralph ellison monument

Facts about Ralph Ellison 4: parents

His mother was Ida Millsap. His father was Lewis Alfred Ellison. There were three sons in the family and Ralph was the second one.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 5: the death of his father

In 1916, his father passed away. His father had a 100-lb ice block in his abdomen, which made him suffer an internal wound. Lewis worked as a construction foreman and a small business owner.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 6: the hope of his father

His father hoped that his son would become a poet due to his interest to literature. The family moved to Gary, Indiana in 1921 for her mother believed that it would be better to grow the kids in the north. However, they decided to come back again to Oklahoma.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 7: the early job of Ellison

Ellison was known as a notable writer. He had worked various odd jobs such as a dentist assistant, hotel waiter, a shoeshine boy, and a kitchen helper.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 8: the high school of Ellison

In 1931, Ellison graduated from Douglass High School. He gained money from playing music for a year after his graduation.

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Facts about Ralph Ellison 9: Tuskegee Institute

Ellison was accepted at Tuskegee Institute in 1933 when the university’s orchestra had lack of a trumpet player.

Facts about Ralph Ellison 10: Morteza Drezel Sprague

Morteza Drezel Sprague was the English teacher of Ellison who inspired and influenced him. Shadow and Act was later dedicated to Sprague.

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