10 Facts about Ralph Goings

Post On: November 13, 2016

Let us check the interesting information about the famous American painter on Facts about Ralph Goings. In the end of 1960s and beginning of 1970s, Goings was connected with Photorealism movement. He was born on 9 May 1928.  He enjoyed making detailed paintings, which always remind the people with his works. Let us check other interesting facts about Goings below:

Facts about Ralph Goings 1: the paintings of Goings

Goings presented the objective manner when creating his paintings. You can see his detailed paintings on the California banks, pick-up trucks or even hamburger stands.

facts about ralph goings

facts about ralph goings

Facts about Ralph Goings 2: the birthplace of Goings

The birthplace of Goings was located in Corning, California. He came from a working class family.

Facts about Ralph Goings 3: the childhood period

Goings was raised during the Great Depression period. He was interested with painting and art after he discovered Rembrandt in the local library. At that time, he studied in a high school during his first year.

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Facts about Ralph Goings 4: drawing

His aunt encouraged Goings to draw. Therefore, she gave him instructional materials and books for drawing.

Facts about Ralph Goings 5: painting

Goings was interested to paint since his early years. When the canvas was not available, Goings would use his old bed sheet as the medium. He went to the local hardware store to get the paint.

Facts about Ralph Goings 6: the higher education

Goings pursued higher education by attending the Hartnell College, in Salinas, California after he had service in the military.

Facts about Ralph Goings 7: Leon Amyx

Leon Amyx was a notable painter who served the head of the art department at Hartnell College. Amyx gave advice to Goings to go to an art school.

Facts about Ralph Goings 8: studying art

Goings went to California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland to study art. He was exposed to Photorealist Movement in the art school along with other painters like Nathan Oliveira, Richard Mclean and Robert Bechtle.

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Facts about Ralph Goings 9: MFA in painting

In 1965, Goings graduated from Sacramento State College with MFA in painting.

Facts about Ralph Goings 10: the interest toward Photorealism

Goings was not satisfied with the quality of pop art imagery. Therefore, he was interested with Photorealism movement.

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