10 Facts about Ralph Steadman

Post On: November 13, 2016

Facts about Ralph Steadman remind the people with renowned British artist. He was born on 15th May 1936. He collaborated with Hunter S. Thompson, a notable American author.  Steadman was raised in Abergele, North Wales even though his birthplace was in Wallaset, Cheshire. His mother worked as a shop assistant, while his father worked as a commercial traveller. Steadman was from a lower middle class family. The below post will tell you more about the early life as well as the artistic life of Steadman:

Facts about Ralph Steadman 1: the education of Steadman

In 1960s, Steadman went to East Ham Technical College and the London College of Printing.

facts about ralph steadman

facts about ralph steadman

Facts about Ralph Steadman 2: the freelance work

When he was at the college, Steadman did various freelance works for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, Private Eye, and Punch.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 3: the present place of living

Today, Steadman resides in Kent, England along with his wife.

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ralph steadman film poster

ralph steadman film poster

Facts about Ralph Steadman 4: illustration

Due to his works on illustration, Steadman is always known as the patron of the Association of Illustrations.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 5: the famous works of Steadman

Steadman’s works include the picture books, cartoons, social caricatures and political caricatures. There is no need to wonder that he has earned various awards in his career. In 1979, the American Institute of Graphic Arts appointed him as the Illustrator of the Year. His Alice in Wonderland illustration earned him the Francis Williams Book Illustration Award.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 6: other awards

The other awards of Steadman include the Black Humour Award in France, the American Society of Illustrators’ Certificate of Merit, the BBC Design Award for postage stamps and the Italian Critica in Erba Prize.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 7: Hunter S. Thompson

Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson established a long partnership. Thompson wrote some books and articles where the illustration was created by Steadman.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 8: other authors

Many other authors have worked with Steadman. They include Brian Patten, Adrian Mitchell and Ted Hughes.

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Facts about Ralph Steadman 9: the covers

Steadman also did various covers for music artists like Ambrosia, Frank Zappa, Exodus and Who.

Facts about Ralph Steadman 10: documentary

Charlie Paul was the director for a documentary movie, which depicted the career of Steadman. The title of the movie is For No Good Reason.

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