10 Facts about RAM

Post On: November 14, 2016

A form of computer data storage is explained on Facts about RAM. The word stands for Random Access Memory. By having the RAM, the users can write or even read the saved data from the physical location of the data in the similar required amount of time. On the other hand, the time to read or write the data saved in the DVD-RWs, CD-RWs, and hard disks depends on the physical location of the data in the memory. It may take longer time to read or write the data because of the arm movement or even media rotation speeds. Let us check other interesting facts about RAM below:

Facts about RAM 1: how are the data in RAM written and read?

Writing or even reading the data is conducted by using the multiplexing and demultiplexing circuitry on the RAM.

ram in ibm

ram in ibm

Facts about RAM 2: multiple data lines

RAM contains the multiple data lines.  It may sport the 8-bit ,16-bit, 32-bit or even 64-bit capacity.

Facts about RAM 3: the integrated circuits

RAM usually features the integrated circuits for the present technology. In the beginning of 1970s, the market was introduced with the integrated-circuit RAM chips.

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ram laptop

ram laptop

Facts about RAM 4: the volatile type of memory

In most cases, RAM is included as a volatile type of memory. If the power is removed, the stored information will be lost. People hate it. That is why, the RAM is developed into the nonvolatile one so that the stored information is not lost even though the power is removed.

Facts about RAM 5: the first commercial DRAM chip

In October 1970, the Intel 1103 was introduced for the first time in the market. It marked the beginning of the first commercial DRAM chips.

Facts about RAM 6: the Williams tube

The William tube is considered as the first practical form of RAM. Compared to the individual vacuum tube latches, the William tube consumed less power, performed faster and had smaller size. However, it only has a few hundreds to thousands of bit capacity.

Facts about RAM 7: the types

There are two major types of RAM in the modern days. Both are DRAM or dynamic RAM and SRAM or static RAM.

ram facts

ram facts

Facts about RAM 8: SRAM

SRAM has faster performance than the DRAM. Moreover, it consumes less dynamic power. However, the price of the SRAM is more expensive.

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Facts about RAM 9: the usage of RAM in computers

The capacitor and transistor are found in DRAM used for storing a bit of data. The cache memory for CPU usually is occupied by SRAM.

facts about ram

facts about ram

Facts about RAM 10: the volatiles types

The volatile types are found on both dynamic RAM and static RAM.

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