10 Facts about Ramadan

Post On: November 14, 2016

The following Facts about Ramadan below will tell you about the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan is an important month for the Muslims. During the month, the Muslims will have fasting. Moreover, they also commemorate the Quran’s first revelation. Fasting is considered as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The visual sighting of the crescent moon will determine the beginning and end the fasting. It usually lasts for 29 to 30 days. Let us check other interesting facts about Ramadan:

Facts about Ramadan 1: the word Ramadan

The word Ramadan was taken from Arabic root of ar-ramaḍ or ramiḍa. The meaning of the word is dryness or scorching heat.

ramadan pray

ramadan pray

Facts about Ramadan 2: the fasting obligation

All adult Muslims must perform fasting for it is considered as an obligatory act. However, there are few exceptions. The women who have menstrual bleeding, the ill people, pregnant woman, elderly, diabetic, breastfeeding and travelling people do not have to perform fasting.

Facts about Ramadan 3: the fasting time

The fasting time for the Muslims begins from the dawn until the sunset. During the fasting time, it is prohibited for the Muslim to engage in sexual activities, smoke, drink liquids and consume foods.

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ramadan pic

ramadan pic

Facts about Ramadan 4: the sinful behavior

The Muslims should avoid the sinful behavior such as lying, cursing, backbiting, insulating and having false speech. Fighting is not allowed too.

Facts about Ramadan 5: the time to consume the drinks and foods

When the Muslims fast, they are allowed to consume the foods and drinks after the sunset and before the dawn.

Facts about Ramadan 6: the thawab

The thawab is called as the spiritual rewards that the Muslims will earn when they are fasting. During the Ramadan, the thawab will be multiplied.

Facts about Ramadan 7: the increased level of faith

The recitation of Quran and increased salat are conducted by the Muslims during the Ramadan.

ramadan facts

ramadan facts

Facts about Ramadan 8: the first revelation of Quran

It is believed that the Quran is revealed for the first time during the Ramadan month. Therefore, it is considered as the best time for the Muslims for recitation Al Quran.

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Facts about Ramadan 9: iftar

The iftar is very common to conduct during the Ramadan where people have social gathering in a buffet style.

facts about ramadan

facts about ramadan

Facts about Ramadan 10: the dishes

Various traditional dishes are served during the iftar. The drinking water is very common. However, some people also consume milk and juices.

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