10 Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements

Post On: November 15, 2016

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements present the information about the famous achievement of Ramanujan. He was an autodidact and mathematician. He was born on 22nd December 1887 and died on 26th April 1920. His full name was Srinivasa Ramanujan. Ramanujan contributed a lot in the field of mathematics even though he did not have any formal training or education in the field. Let us find out the achievement of Ramanujan by reading the below post:

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 1: the contributions of Ramanujan

The contribution of Ramanujan in mathematics includes the continued fractions, infinite series, number theory and mathematical analysis.

facts about ramanujans achievements

facts about ramanujans achievements

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 2: the mathematical research

Ramanujan lived in isolation when he conducted the mathematical research. Soon, the Indian mathematicians recognized his works.

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 3: G. H. Hardy

G. H. Hardy was a famous English mathematician who had a partnership with Ramanujan. The skill of Ramanujan was not only recognized by the mathematicians in India, but also in Europe.

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ramanujans bust

ramanujans bust

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 4: the independent compilation

There were at least 3,900 results, which had been discovered by Ramanujan independently during his short life. Most of them were equations and identities. People prove that most of his claims are correct today.

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 5: the famous results

The famous results of Ramanujan included the Ramanujan theta function and Ramanujan prime.

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 6: the Ramanujan journal

The works influenced by the works of Ramanujan in the mathematics were published in a scientific journal called the Ramanujan Journal.

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 7: the notebooks

Ramanujan had four notebooks made of loose-leaf paper that he used to write his results. At that time, he was in Madras. Several mathematicians tried to prove the results of Ramanujan. They included Bruce Berndt, B. M. Wilson, G. N. Watson and Hardy.

ramanujans achievements

ramanujans achievements

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 8: the lost notebook

The lost notebook of Ramanujan contained 87 unorganized pages. It was the fourth notebook. George Andrews found the book in 1976.

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Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 9: the publication of the first, second and third notebooks

In 1957, TIFR or Tata Institute of Fundamental Research published the first, second and third volumes into a two-volume book.

Facts about Ramanujan’s Achievements 10: the Hardy–Ramanujan number

The Hardy–Ramanujan number is number 1729. Hardy spoke about the number when he rode a taxicab with 1729 number.

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